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Leading rubber sleeves supplier and manufacturer for over 15 years. It gives you a sustainable service for your rubber sleeves in boosting your business and projects.

Advanced Rubber Sleeves Factory

Baiwe is a prominent rubber sleeve supplier and manufacturer in China. We have been in the rubber sleeves production line for almost 15 years. Our sufficient knowledge hugely helps us produce plenty of rubber sleeves components widely distributed to all worldwide markets. Every selection of rubber sleeves undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure its professional advantage. For further understanding about this product, feel free to contact Baiwe!

Colored Rubber PVC Sleeves

Colored rubber PVC sleeve constructs with a simple yet elegant design. It has a dimensional structure that gives high-strength and objective functions.

Foam Rubber Sleeves

It fabricates from high-density raw materials that give a satisfying performance. It is likely convenient for auxiliary installation. 

Rubber Timing Belt Sleeves

Baiwe provides cost-effective rubber timing belt sleeves for your projects. It has an available size that reaches 300*500 to 5600*450. 

Rubber Water Bottle Sleeves

Rubber water bottle sleeves originate from 100% silicone rubber. Ultra-thick and elastic, which protects water bottles surface from accidental dropping, breaking, or abrasion.

Rubber Screw Bolt Protective Sleeves

Convenient use of rubber screw bolt protective sleeves hides the sharpest and pointed edge of screw bolts. It will cut into suitable measures according to your usefulness. 

Handle Grip Rubber Sleeves

Handle grip rubber sleeves apply in bicycle, motorcycle, garden tools, baby carriage, garden tools, gym equipment, etc. We can provide you with a personal version of this product. 

Rubber Speaker Sleeves

A compact rubber speaker sleeve that provides perfect protection for your speaker is safe and secure. It perfectly fits any speaker and design for easy carrying.

Rubber Pen Sleeves

Using rubber pen sleeves are helpful for pens, pencils, markers, or writing materials. It makes you comfortable in developing your correct writing gesture without experiencing any pain or hassle.

Silicone Rubber Sleeves

Silicone rubber sleeves feature high resistance. It comes from the sturdiest silicone rubber materials, which is helpful for your projects.

Rubber Fiberglass Sleeves

A type of rubber fiberglass sleeve that has useful electrical or mechanical functions. The cheapest value of rubber fiberglass sleeves is accessible here at Baiwe.

Pinch Valve Rubber Sleeves

It is an effective rubber sleeve material that supports and protects your pinch valve. It consists of three layers and ensures 100% security operation.

Battery Terminal Rubber Sleeves

Battery terminal rubber sleeves are qualified to ISO 900:2015 product management certifications. It helps to cover your essential battery terminals.  

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Rubber Sleeves Supplier

Baiwe has professional experience in providing world-class rubber sleeves products. We comprise veteran engineers and workers who commit the most significant responsibility in providing you with the most satisfying rubber sleeves products. Baiwe guarantees reliable, enduring, high-quality runner sleeves.

 Without hesitation, seek and encounter the most excellent answer for your rubber sleeves here at Baiwe. We are great to work with you in building up a wealthier business partnership.

Baiwe: Your Outstanding Rubber Sleeves Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Baiwe has a solid foundation in the production of rubber sleeves products. We have this full capability in manufacturing a high-end selection of rubber sleeves components that widely helps you in your business and projects. 

We have the most significant operating machinery production in all of China. Aside from this, we have rich professional engineers and a sales team who have sufficient experience in rubber sleeves production for almost 15 years. Baiwe accommodates you with plenty of unique and versatile classifications of rubber sleeves. 

Baiwe rubber sleeves hugely apply to a specific object and situation. It stands as a safety object that protects from accidental falling, dropping, scratching, abrasion, or breaking your essential things. Suitable for mechanical, electrical, medical, automotive, and other specific applications. It originates from the 100% durable rubber materials that feature long-lasting, high-efficient, and sustainable use. 

Due to its epitome, versatility, and available features, we, Baiwe, are selected as the dominant and established rubber sleeves by our customers. Everything about Baiwe’s rubber sleeves has already achieved the SGS, LFGB, BSCI, and FDA audits. Strong evidence that our rubber products are legible enough to use.

Baiwe is the only foundation you can deeply trust with your rubber sleeves. Our unending service in rubber sleeves retains our strong leadership in this field. We strictly follow all our factory guidelines, from planning, layout, processing stage, and delivery.

Baiwe is always reachable to receive all your rubber sleeves orders. No matter how far you are, we can deliver you numerous sorts of rubber sleeves products. We have this friendly managing team who can help you with this product. You can send us your suggestion for your customized idea and design for this product, and in exchange, we will be able to give you your version of rubber sleeves. 

Reach out to our latest update for rubber sleeves on Baiwe’s official website!

Silicon Rubber Sleeves – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you considering improving the transportation of liquids and semi-fluids to other industries?

Have you thought about introducing reliable electrical insulation into your chemical or pharmaceutical industries?

Well, in both of these cases, silicon sleeves will be the best option.

A number of questions are raised in the following guide about the types and benefits of silicon sleeves.

Let’s start!

  1. What Is SiliconeRubber Sleeve?
  2. What Are The Uses Of Silicone Rubber Sleeve?
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Sleeve?
  4. How Long Will Silicone Rubber Sleeve Last?
  5. Can You Order Custom Silicon Sleeves?
  6. What Features Can Be Customized In SiliconRubber Sleeves?
  7. How To Choose The Best Silicon Sleeve Manufacturer From China?
  8. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Rubber Sleeves?
  9. How Much It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Sleeves To My Country?
  10. What Are The Materials Used In Silicone Rubber Sleeves?
  11. What Are The Requirements To Start A Silicone Sleeve Business?
  12. Can I Print Custom Text On Silicone Rubber Sleeves From China?
  13. What Are The Limitations Of SiliconeRubber Sleeves?
  14. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Silicon Sleeve Prototyping Service?
  15. What Is Silicon Sleeve Parting Line And How It Effect The Product Quality?
  16. What Are The Different Structures Of Silicon Rubber Bottle Sleeves?
  17. Why Do People Go For Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Rubber Sleeve?

1. What Is a Silicone Rubber Sleeve?

The silicone sleeve is defined as the particular type of silicon sheet available in a wide variety of thickness options.

They are made with different options, such as silicone rubber tubes to improve their performance, while the other option is the silicone sheet material which increases its flexibility.

It is also defined as the semi-organic synthetic rubber materials which are manufactured through sand and aryl halides.

The outlook and properties of the silicon sleeves are pretty similar to the rubber sheets. As compared to the elastomers, silicone sleeves are available with different types of structures.

Other than oxygen and hydrogen, long chains of silicon and oxygen are present in the silicon sleeves.

No doubt, this chain is a bit weak, but it’s responsible for providing flexibility to the silicone sleeves.

The materials used in its construction also have a minimal change or alteration in their characteristics for the wide range of temperatures.

Besides the rubber silicone sleeves, dielectric silicone sleeves provide permanent electrical, thermal, and chemical resistance to the different processes.

You can contact BAIWE to explore more details about the silicone sleeves.

Silicone Sleeves

2. What Are The Uses Of Silicone Rubber Sleeves?

The uses of silicone sleeves are elaborated as under:

  • They prefer the perfect transport of liquids or semi-fluids from one industry to another
  • It prevents the unusual breakage of the glass bottles
  • They provide portable handles for the bottles to carry around
  • The electrical dielectric silicone sleeves provide electrical resistance in different operations
  • The thermal silicone sleeves prevent the transmission of heat from one product to another
  • Silicone sleeves are mainly used for making the non-slip grips that reduce the condensation around the bottles

3. What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Rubber Sleeve?

Some expected benefits of the silicone sleeves are given as under:

  • They offer excellent durability and are resistant to potential damages such as tearing
  • They can easily be washed after every use
  • They are antibacterial since they are resistant to bacterial infections.
  • They are pretty soft to mold into different shapes
  • They are also used in the protection of phones and bottles in the form of silicone covers
  • They offer demanded flexibility for the use in various items
  • They are made up of a wide variety of eco-friendly materials
  • They are available at reasonable prices
  • They offer versatile functionality depending on the accessory you want to use it with

Custom made Silicone Sleeve

4. How Long Will Silicone Sleeve Rubber Last?

The experts have revealed that the average estimated shelf life of silicon sleeves is about ten years.

This is just an assumed value. However, after its half-life, the silicon sleeve is tested in many other ways to ensure its appropriateness for use.

In addition to this, some other silicone sealant products are also available with a minimum life of about 20 years.

The degradation of the silicone material is related to the time interval. Thus, the silicone sleeves will degrade as time passes.

The majority of the manufacturers look at the silicone sleeves’ condition and flexibility to determine their mean life.

5. Can You Order Custom Silicone Rubber Sleeves?

Yes, you can get the most reliable and the highest quality custom silicone rubber sleeves by contacting a good manufacturer in China.

The silicone sleeves can easily be molded according to the type of product.

Thus, if you’re wondering about getting a customized silicone sleeve for your industry’s instruments, you can quickly get custom ones.

BAIWE is also one of those silicone sleeve suppliers and manufacturers in China that accept custom silicone sleeves at reasonable prices.

You can contact their support team and tell them all your requirements about the shape, size, thickness, and nature of materials that you want in your silicone sleeves.

Make sure to calculate the silicone sleeves’ quality and quantity while ordering the Chinese manufacturers’ custom models.

Silicone Sleeve

6. What Features Can Be Customized In Silicon Sleeves?

You can customize the following features in the silicone sleeves:

  • You can change their shape
  • You can customize the nature of the materials used in its construction
  • You can change the design of the silicon sleeves
  • You can change the purity of the silicone sleeves
  • The printed method of the silicone sleeves can also be changed according to your choice.
  • The logos of the silicone sleeves are also customized according to the choice of the users

7. How To Choose The Best Silicone Rubber Sleeve Manufacturer From China?

You can choose the best silicone sleeve manufacturer from China by following the given steps:

  • Explore the Options Online

A long list of manufacturers in China produce the highest quality silicone sleeves for satisfying their customers.

Make sure to explore all the options online. Try to select the manufacturer that fulfills all your demands about the quality production of the silicon sleeves.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

The steps for searching for the best manufacturer for the production of the silicon sleeve also include reaching the manufacturer.

You can approach the manufacturer by searching their email or phone number.

  • Check the Professionalism

The professionalism and the expertise of the manufacturer depending on their experience in the concerned field.

Make sure that the silicone sleeve manufacturer that you’re thinking of choosing should have many years of manufacturing experience.

  • Availability of the Skilled Team

The presence of the skilled team at the manufacturer’s site ensures the quality production of the silicon sleeves.

Thus, make sure that the manufacturer you’re thinking of choosing should have a team of skilled workers that provide their best services to produce the highest quality silicon sleeves.

  • Fast Prototyping

The chosen manufacturer should have the resources to produce the fast prototyping services in less than the expected time interval.

Try to check the availability of fast prototyping services so that you can get the highest quality of silicon sleeves in less time duration.

  • Quality Control System

Another essential factor you should check while selecting the proper manufacturer for the silicon sleeves is to ensure the appropriate quality control at the manufacturing platform.

You can visit the manufacturer’s site to ensure everything about the quality control of the materials and production of the silicon sleeves.

BAIWE can be your best pick for the manufacturers of silicon sleeves since it has all the properties that are mentioned above.

Choose The Best Silicone Sleeve Manufacturer

8. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Sleeves?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers produce the highest quality silicon sleeves since they ensure to follow the latest technology in the production of silicon-related products.

The Chinese manufacturers have many years of experience in the production of the highest quality silicon sleeves. Thus, there’s no reason for doubting their excellence.

Moreover, the life of silicon sleeves is extended to many years. Thus, the manufacturers don’t have to worry about the durability of the Chinese silicon sleeves.

Another most exciting thing about the highest quality of silicon sleeves by Chinese manufacturers is free 3D drawing design.

Thus, they tend to release the modern models of silicon sleeves.

BAIWE is also considered one of those Chinese manufacturers that provide a good quality silicone sleeve.

Good Quality Silicon Sleeves in china

9. How Much Does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Sleeves To My Country?

It takes about five working days for a batch of silicon sleeves to deliver to your country.

However, the duration for the delivery of the silicon sleeves also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If the manufacturer adopts the sea shipping method for transporting the silicon sleeves to your country, it’ll approximately take up to 45 days.

Furthermore, you can contact the Chinese manufacturers to ensure everything about their delivery duration of the silicon sleeves batches to your state.

10. What Are The Materials Used In Silicone Rubber Sleeves?

The materials that are used in the construction of the silicon sleeves are given as under:

  • Polysiloxane
  • Synthetic polymers of carbon and oxygen
  • Seamless silicone rubber tube
  • Silicon sheets
  • Alkyl halides
  • Aryl halides
  • Polyester knitted mesh of silicon
  • Elastic silicone rubber (MVQ)
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • NR
  • NBR
  • PTFE
  • Silicon Materials
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Brass

Materials Used In Silicone Sleeves

11. What Are The Requirements To Start A Silicone Sleeve Business?

Starting a silicon sleeve business is not a small step; you’ll need several requirements for making your business stable enough to generate a substantial profit.

However, the requirements for starting a silicon sleeve business are elaborated as under:

  • Have a Business Plan

The first step when you think of starting your silicone sleeve business is to write down the complete business plan to get a better idea of your focus points.

  • Evaluate the Competition

When you are thinking of running a silicon sleeves business, you should have a complete insight into the competition in the concerned area.

Make sure about the number of the business for the same product in your area.

  • Hire Professional Engineers

Another essential requirement for starting a silicon sleeve business is to hire professional engineers who can evaluate every factor.

Make sure to check the manufacturing analysis and the design of the silicon sleeve.

  • The layout of the Silicon Sleeve

Having a perfect mold layout is also an important aspect to focus on when trying to start a silicon sleeve business.

12. Can I Print Custom Text On Silicone Rubber Sleeves From China?

Yes, you can contact the manufacturer to print the custom text on the silicon sleeves from China.

Many reliable manufacturers in China, including BIAWE, provide the best services for printing different texts on silicon sleeves.

However, you’ll have to pay extra charges if you want the manufacturer to print any text or logo on the silicon sleeves.

Print Custom Text On Silicone Sleeves

13. What Are The Limitations Of Silicone Rubber Sleeves?

The limitations of the silicon sleeves are explained as under:

  • The standard type of silicon sleeves is available with poor tensile, abrasion, and tear resistance
  • The materials of the silicon sleeves can be porous to the prominent concentration of the fatty substances
  • It is not compatible with certain substances such as coffee oil with high temperature (more than 70 degrees centigrade)
  • They are not efficiently resistant to the concentrated solvents
  • They are also not compatible with the concentrated acids, alkaline solution, and the hydrocarbons

14. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Silicon Sleeve Prototyping Service?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers provide the most trustworthy services for silicon sleeve prototyping services.

They adopt the modern techniques of prototyping for mold making and 3D designing of the silicon sleeves.

They complete such services in only five days. Thus choosing Chinese manufacturers for silicon sleeve prototyping services will not be a wrong choice.

15. What Is Silicon Sleeve Parting Line And How It Affects The Product Quality?

A silicon parting line is defined as the industrial casting of the molds and sleeves with a borderline. This borderline comes with the draft angles for changing the direction.

However, the parting line of the silicon sleeve impacts its quality in the following ways:

  • It impacts the visual appearance of the product.
  • Small parting lines increase the quality of the silicon sleeves and make them look good.
  • Big parting lines make the silicon sleeves look like a cheap product

Silicon Sleeve Prototyping

16. What Are The Different Structures Of Silicon Rubber Bottle Sleeves?

The different structures of the silicon rubber bottle sleeves are given as under:

  • Full silicone sleeve that covers the complete bottle design
  • Half silicon sleeve that is available in a shorter height and covers the half bottle

17. Why Do People Go For Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeves?

People always prefer using the glass water bottle with silicone sleeves because of the following reasons:

  • They are comparatively easier to clean than other bottles
  • You can wash them in the dishwasher
  • They are highly resistant to the accidents
  • They are nearly unbreakable
  • They are also resistant to the cushions and bumps


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