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Baiwe was established in 2005 by Mr. Lee Yuke. After 15 years of development, from a small company, we have become one of the best silicone tube manufacturers and suppliers in China.

We can customize different types of silicone tubes according to your requirements. From custom-made your silicone tube mold to volume production of silicone rubber tubes, our team has the rich and skilled experience to complete your silicone tube project perfectly.

We have passed the BSCI factory inspection, and our products can also meet FDA requirements.

You just need to tell us your project requirements, such as silicone tube size, application, use environment, our technical team will give you the best solution.We will be your first option of silicone tube manufacturer and supplier.

liquid silicone tube

Food grade liquid silicone gel for silicone tube

silicone tube in different colors

Custom made silicone tube with BPA free

silicone tube in different sizes

Custom made silicone tube in different sizes

food grade liquid silicone tube

Custom made food-grade liquid silicone tube

medical grade liquid silicone tube

Silicone tube made with medical-grade liquid silicone 

all kinds of silicone tube

High quality all types of silicone tube for your business

Baiwe:We will be Your Trustworthy Silicone Rubber Tube Manufacturer and Supplier in China

You know the silicone tube can be widely used as a good electrical insulation sealing and liquid conveying material in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical appliances, medical, food, and other industrial sectors. Sealing of precision electric meters, oil pipelines, household appliances, drinking water pipelines, medicine, etc.

Also, silicone tube has many advantages. It has high thermal stability. It also has excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging, and weather aging, as well as excellent electrical insulation, mildew resistance, and high air permeability. Silicone rubber products are more resistant to cold and heat than plastics, and its characteristics remain unchanged between minus 70 degrees Celsius and minus 250 degrees Celsius.

We have clean room that can be qualified to custom-made your food-grade silicone tube,medical-grade silicone tube, like silicone breathing tube, silicone snorkel tube, baby bottle straws, etc. We will be your reliable silicone tube manufacturer and supplier in China.

After years of development, we have been committed to optimizing the quality control system. Your silicone rubber tube project orders will be under strict quality standards at every step from raw material procurement, mass production, packaging to delivery. We will send you a production report at each stage. We could be on your top list of silicone tube manufacturers and suppliers.


custom made all kinds of silicone tube



We have Qualified Clean Room for Your Surgical&Medical Silicone Tube

Baiwe is a professional silicone parts manufacturer in China, we have our own high-precision CNC tooling-making technology, such as silicone compression molding, liquid silicone rubber injection molding, silicone overmolding, silicone transfer molding.

Are you in need of a silicone products project? Call us support team right now, we will get back to you soonest.

Silicone Tube Ultimate FAQ – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Silicone tube products can be multi-functional and versatile. They are used everywhere, from the aerospace industry to the medical industry.

They come in a variety of grades, shapes, colors, and sizes.  Here are some common FAQs about silicone tubes and their characteristics in the following all-in-one guide to silicone tubing.

  1. What Is Silicone Tube?
  2. What Are Different Types Of Silicone Tubes Available?
  3. What Is Silicone Tubing Used For?
  4. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicon Tube?
  5. What Is The Price Of Silicone Tube?
  6. Is Silicone Tubing Soft And Flexible?
  7. Who Makes Silicone Tubing?
  8. What Is Silicone Tubing Made Of?
  9. How Are Silicone Tubes Manufactured?
  10. What Is Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing?
  11. How Do You Sterilize Silicone Tubing?
  12. What Is The Difference Between Standard And Custom Silicone Tubing?
  13. Why Should You Choose Silicone Tubing?
  14. Why Should You Choose BaiweSilicone For Silicone Tubing?
  15. Can I Get Discount On Bulk Import Of Silicon Tubes From Chinese Manufacturer?

1.What is a Silicone Tube?

A silicone tube is a flexible, highly durable product used for its elastomer qualities. Silicone is a polymer used in medicine and sealants with a rubber-like consistency.

It comes in multiple sizes, measured in terms of its thickness and inner and outer diameters. Silicone tubing also comes in multiple gradations that help categorize the different types of silicone tubes.

Silicone tubing is lauded for its strength-resistance and tear-resistance. It can be manufactured to become highly-resistant to heat, toxicity, and chemical processes.

A higher grade of silicone tubing products can even be resistant to surface buildup, ozone effects, environmental deterioration, and UV rays.

2.What are the Different Types of Silicone Tubes?

There are three general categories of silicone tubes including general purpose tubes, medical or food grade silicone tubes, or high pressure silicone tubes.

General purpose silicone tubes are characterized by their thermal benefits and flexibility. These are low-grade tubes used in domestic contexts.

High-pressure silicone tubes are designed for suction purposes and are characterized by their wire braids. The braids make the tubes resistant to changing sizes and pressure effects like expansion.

Medical or food-grade silicone tubes require a higher level of sterilization, compound purity, pressure resistance, and non-reactive qualities than a general purpose tube can offer.

They are made to be easily sterilized and avoid chemical reactions with drugs or food particles.

This type of silicon is purified through platinum curing and is specially constructed to stave off bacteria and eliminate odors, toxicity, and unseemly tastes.

Medical-grade silicone tubing can even resist particle buildup.

3.What is Silicone Tubing Used for?

Silicone tubes are used in multiple industries and contexts.

The different grades of silicone tubes determine their suitability for a particular industry. For instance, high-grade silicone tubes are used in chemical plants.

However, silicone tubes are used for industrial, medical, as well as domestic products. They are often essential in the production of medical products like silicone caulks.

The automobile and food industries regularly employ silicone tubing in their manufacturing processes.

Silicone tubing is also included in the making of domestic products like home appliances.

Domestically, they can be used as hobbyists or do-it-yourself equipment and raw materials, as well.

These types of silicon tubes are, however, categorized as general purpose and do not have highly pure compounds.

4.What is the Shelf Life of a Silicon Tube?

The average shelf life of a silicone tube is usually a year.

Silicone tubes are of optimal quality during the first six months after their manufacturing date.

Silicone tubes have clearly stated expiry dates and it is important to use them before their expiration to get the best results.

Any type of silicone tubing needs proper storage and sealing to avoid the deterioration of the silicone material.

If a silicone tube product has expired, it’s recommended that the user disposes of the product; however, if the user wishes to implement the product, it is wise to test it first.

Silicone Tubes

5.What is the Price of a Silicone Tube?

The price of a silicone tube depends on its sizing, quality, and quantity of order.

The tubes come in a variety of size measurements including millimeters and feet.

Generally, the tubes are available at manufacturers for around $2 per foot.

However, the price can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and can reduce or increase with shifts in quantity.

For instance, bulk orders can drive prices down and lower the prices per piece.

However, a smaller order might cost more.

Similarly, high quality silicone tubes for medical and food-grade products will cost more because of the specialized manufacturing processes involved.

To know more about silicone tube prices, send in a request for a free quote on BaiweSilicone’s website.

6.Is Silicone Tubing Soft And Flexible?

Silicone tubing material is inherently flexible and stretchable as it is a special substance called an elastomer.

It can bend into any shape and size and can withstand different temperature and climate conditions.

Silicone rubber is generally soft and pliable and is intended for use in multiple products including food, garments, and medical equipment.

Silicone rubber tubing can be stretched out to any length in the manufacturing process and it can still snap back into its shape when it retracts.

Tubes are generally sized through specialized plates that have holes of specific measurements.

7.Who Makes Silicone Tubing?

Multiple manufacturers make silicone rubber tubing including BaiweSilicone.

Manufacturers like Baiwe use a diversified approach and use specialized teams to create consumer-oriented silicone products for businesses as well as medical-grade and food-grade products.

The company uses a combination of techniques like prototyping, designing, mold making, liquid silicone injection molding, CNC machining, and silicone compression molding to deliver high-quality products with a size tolerance of up to +/-0.01mm.

Baiwe’s mold making plant, silicone rubber compression molding plant, and liquid silicone rubber(LSR) injection molding plant can all create highly effective, custom products.

These custom products can range from medical equipment to silicone seals.

8.What is Silicone Tubing Made Of?

Silicone tubing is made from silicone rubber.

The material is an elastomer and is a combination of the polymer silicon and the elements carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Elastomers refer to rubber raw materials that are made up of polymers, or chain-like molecule compositions.

The elastomer is unique because it can return to its original form even if it is stretched.

An elastomer can help industries shape and manufacture different products in all sizes and for all purposes.

The material’s inherent properties allow silicon tubing to be versatile and easily customized for different industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Silicone rubber’s safety features like heat resistance and tear resistance also make it an excellent candidate for use in silicon tubing.

9.How Are Silicone Tubes Manufactured?

Manufacturers use a process called extrusion to create silicone tubes.

Rubber extrusion refers to the process of shaping rubber into products with special dies.

In the manufacturing process, raw bits of silicone is put into a hopper and suspended over a conveyance channel carrying a long shearing screw.

The rubber is inserted into the channel and pressed, heated, and pressurized by the turning screw. With this motion, the rubber turns into a molten form and silicone is extruded through a metal plate with a hole, also known as a die.

When the silicone is pushed through the die, it transforms into tubing by taking the shape of the die.

As the extrusion ends, manufacturers can then reshape and re-cut the silicone tube for any additional requirements.

Silicone Extrusion

10. What is Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing?

Platinum cured silicone refers to silicone processing with platinum rather than peroxide to create products with better tear resistance and tensile rates.

Peroxide is a compound consisting of two oxygen atoms while platinum is an unreactive, malleable, silver transition metal.

The biggest difference between silicone tubing and platinum-cured silicone tubing is that the former is opaque while the latter is transparent, often useful in medical tubes where the user needs to inspect the materials inside.

Platinum cured silicone is ideal for tubes that carry medical fluids since the silicone tubing will be tougher, temperature resistant, and leak less.

Platinum cured silicone is also considered to have better levels of chemical inertness, a quality a medical tube needs to avoid spillage or tampering of fluids.

Autoclave Machine

11. How Do You Sterilize Silicone Tubing?

Silicone tubes used for medical purposes need to be sterilized often. The tubes can be sterilized using autoclaves.

Autoclaving is a method of sterilization using high-pressure steam where an autoclave machine will produce higher pressure and temperature than the ambient pressure and temperature in the surrounding area.

Autoclaves will flow the steam in its chambers and eliminate all contaminants within the products placed in the chamber.

The sterilization process in an autoclave always depends upon the item’s contamination and the length of their exposure.

The best way to ensure efficient sterilization is to separate products and leave the products exposed in the chamber.

Steam sterilization can be conducted at 15 minute intervals after every time the tube is used. The ideal temperature for sterilization is 121°c or 250°F.

However, medical professionals and silicone tube users should beware that constant exposure to steam might deteriorate the integrity of the silicone after a while. If the tubing starts to become gummy, it is a sign that you should discard it.

12. What is the Difference between Standard and Custom Silicone Tubing?

Silicone tubes can be customized in terms of size, shape, purpose, material, quality, tolerance, and durability.

Customization depends upon the buyer’s needs for a particular product for a particular industry. Standard sizes can range from 3.2mmID to 6.4mmOD to 0.95mmID x 15.9mmOD.

Standard tubes are also peroxide cured instead of platinum cured. The standard qualities are of the three major grade categories, however, characteristics and quality levels of each tube can be customized upon requests.

For instance, medical tubing can be customized to be platinum cured, tear-resistant, and translucent to make blood donation easier.

13. Why Should You Choose Silicone Tubing?

Any manufacturer interested in creating a durable product should choose a silicone tube for its versatility, flexibility, and non-reactive quality.

Silicone tubes are multi-purpose and the greatest function they serve is their ability to create durable medical and food-grade products.

Silicone, as an elastomer, is characterized by its heat and chemical resistance and is as such better for production in medical or food industries.

It can be put through temperature changes, chemical exposure, and even UV radiation.

Silicone tubing can be particularly advantageous in medical uses because of its silicone-oxygen bond component.

This component enhances the tube’s bio-durable quality.

Silicone tubes also have vapor permeability and can be used in medical care situations like prosthetics.

Experts at BaiweSilicone

14. Why Should You Choose BaiweSilicone for Silicone Tubing?

With BaiweSilicone, you will not just get a great product; you will get a great business experience.

As the leading expert in silicone rubber production in China, the company has a 15-year record of working with different silicone rubber and consumer products.

Each step of the ordering and manufacturing process will be professionally conducted with certified, high-quality products as the outcome.

The silicone manufacturer’s factory meets all the requirements of the BSCI, the FDA, the SGS, and LFGB.

Furthermore, the quality control team makes sure products are BPA-free and of a suitable consistency for medical-grade or food-grade levels.

The company can even handle major projects at its three plants and has a customer support team available 24/7 to cater to your every requirement.

The team offers its services for bulk orders, distributors, companies, and even special projects.

The BaiweSilicone team handles product design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, and ordering to make your buying experience efficient and hassle-free.

Silcone Production

15. Can I Get a Discount on Bulk Imports of Silicon Tubes from Chinese Manufacturers?

Top Chinese silicone tube manufacturers like BaiweSilicone offer discounts for bulk orders to their clients.

Once you reach out for an inquiry through the company’s website, you will be asked to note down your specifications and the bulk quantity orders.

After this step, your customization request will be facilitated by the support team operating 24/7. The team can guide you about the five steps to take after the inquiry request, namely 3D designing, mold making, sampling, manufacturing, delivery.

Our team of experts will use Computer-Aided Design software to make prototypes for you then produce a mold with CNC Machining.

Next, you will be sent samples to check and approve the product. Once you are satisfied with the product, the company will start manufacturing your order.

The customer support team will then deliver it within 15-25 days, depending on the quantity specified in your bulk order.

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