Focus on Custom Injection Molding

We provide injection molding service, manufacturing and assembly
for consumer, industrial and medical application.

Focus on Custom Injection Molding

We provide injection molding service, manufacturing and assembly
for consumer, industrial and medical application.

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Custom Injection Molding with Full Certifications For Your Project

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plastic injection molded parts

One Stop Solution-We Offer Rapid Injection Molding Service and and Making Plastic Injection Mold Parts

Baiwei is located in Dongguan, China. After more than ten years of development, we have become one of the leading custom plastic injection molding manufacturers in China.

We focus on high-precision injection molding, with complete production equipment, we have in housing mold making plant, and a professional design and engineering team, that can provide a variety of services for your project, from injection mold design, mold making, prototype injection molding, to the manufacturing of plastic molded parts and assembly of end products.

Whether you need low-volume injection molding or high-volume injection molding, Baiwe can meet your demands.

Why Chose Baiwe?-Advanced Plastic Injection Molding Machine And Professional Team

· 15 Years of Professional Experience in Custom Injection Molding

· Full Equipment, such as CNC, EDM machine, polish, drill and milling machine, etc.

· Well skilled Team Supports, Average Working Service in Baiwe is Over 7 Years

· In House Precision Injection Mold Making Plant, Capable of Building Molds up to 15 tons, Molded Sizes Tolerance can Up to +/-0.01mm

· DFM Analysis Helps You to Control Riskiness and Reduce Cost

· Free 3D Drawing Design

· Fast Prototype in 5 Days

· Complex Injection Molding That others Can’t Do, Such as Different Material Parts are made by Silicone Overmolding.

· Small Scale/Batch Injection Molding is Acceptable

· Strict Quality Control System

· 24/7 Service, You Can Reach Us At Any Time

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Full Certification
Full Certification
Baiwe has passed BSCI,ISO9001,FDA & LFGB,It can help you to work with more clients who have high requirements on certificates.
Own Mold Making Plant
Own Mold Making Plant
Our In House Mold Making Plant Can Design and Tooling As Per Your Requirements Efficiently.
Strictly Quality System
Strictly Quality System
Baiwe always Commit Ourselves to Improving the Quality System,We can Offer You Excellent Silicone Rubber Products.
7/24 Online Support
7/24 Online Support
You can Reach Us at Any Time,Baiwe is here to Offer you the Best Service.

Injection Molding Process Steps To Work With Us

Baiwe is Always to here for Your Injection Molding Products
3D Designing
Engineers at Baiwe are very professional and have much experience in CAD and design the custon injection molding according to your demand.
injection molding parts
At the beginning of the stage, we will make a fast prototype to test the right material for your project.
injection mold making
We have capabilities of CNC Machining and other advanced equipments,which can make the high Precision injection mold for your brand.
worker operate the injection molding machine
Baiwe has advanced injection molding machine to make high quality products for you.
tensile strength test for plastic injection products
We have strictly quality control process to gurantee you will get perfect products
plastic injection molded parts packaging
Our delivery time is guaranteed due to our improved management system.

Injection Molding Products Quality Control

high quality plastic material for injection molding
Plastic Injection Moulding Raw Materials
Well Selected High Quality Materials are Certificated
Tensile tester
Full Range Equipments
Pursuing high quality is Baiwe’s mission, we have been invested a full set testers for check quality, like tensile test, durometer tester, abrasion test, high temperature test etc.
Over Standard Manufacturing Process
Over Standard Injection Molding Processing
The professional team at Baiwe is well skilled at multi component injection molding, manufacturing, surface treatment and packaging.
Well Skilled QC Team
Well Skilled QC Team
Our quality inspectors will do full inspects before,during and after the production process.You are guaranteed to get great silicone rubber products.

Feedback From Our Clients

Check Our Clients Love With Us
  • Nancy Vitus CEO
    Nancy Vitus CEO

    Baiwe is very professional plastic injection molding manufacturer in China and now become our company’s partner, they help us a lot, there was a once time, I requested a quick turn injection molding project, which we thought it was impossible,but they made it. Our client was very happy about it. Very nice!!

  • Bruce Hutton Purchasing Manager
    Bruce Hutton Purchasing Manager

    I am pleased to work with Baiwe, they helps us a lot on complex multi component injection molding project. They always solve the problems with our orders. They are our long-term partner plastic injection mold makers.

  • Tom Ardekani Founder

    I have been working with Baiwe for over 7 years, sometimes, our clients needs fast injection molding to get a new project, and Bawe can help us.

FAQ-Injection Moulding Services

What's The Injection Molding Cost?

It depends on the plastic mold complexity, design, and material selection.Pls send us your design, we will offer you the cheapest injection molding for you.

How Do You Control Injection Moulding Defects?

We have a strictly quality control system to keep each plastic injection molding process perfect, to reduce the risk of injection moulding defects.

Do you offer DFM report?

Yes, we offer you a DFM report for the injection mold.
DFM analysis is a perfect process to let you know the riskiness of injection molding; To get a better understanding of the riskiness of custom plastic injection moulding will help to reduce waste costs.

Is Injection Mold Cost Refundable?

If you reach a certain amount, we can refund plastic injection mold costs all to you. If the quantity is not big, we also calculate the accumulated quantity and return it to you.

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