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15+ Years Silicone Sleeve Manufacturing Experience. Products are LFGB, FDA, and SGS approved.

Advanced Equipment Silicone Sleeve Manufacturer

If you’re searching for a trusted supplier for your silicone sleeve, Baiwe is your no.1 go-to source provider. We are a certified manufacturer with a complete set of audits, BSCI, SGS, FDA, and LFGB. We hold a comprehensive, advanced production line & workshop, and expert engineers can produce versatile and long-lasting products.

For over 15 years of development, our company has abilities to meet your various silicone sleeves needs. Contact us now, and let’s talk about your silicone sleeve requirements.

Soft Silicone Sleeve for Extender Hanger Stretcher

This product is very stretchable and durable. Multifunction soft silicone sleeve for any vacuum device- hanger, stretcher, or extender.

Silicone Sleeve for Corona Treatment

We can produce these sleeves for your particular needs. It is FDA-approved material for use in medical industries.

Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve

Baiwe is your certified manufacturer of Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve. It is high-quality, high tensile strength, easy to use. We use FDA, LFGB, SGS approved material.

Pharma Grade Silicone Sleeve

Elastic and totally smooth FDA and USP VI soft silicone sleeves. VMQ Silicone, smooth and translucent outer layer.

Silicon Sleeve Cap Tip

Baiwe can produce this product to almost any size and specifications in order to match your unique requirements.

Silicone Sleeve Battery Cover Case

Avail 100% brand new and high-quality Silicone Sleeve Battery Cover Case. Available in gorgeous colors for your to choose from. Food grade silicone raw material.

Silicone Sleeve Cup Special Sheath Cup Bottom Ring Wear

Wear-resistant, shatter-resistant bottom cover coaster. 70mm diameter. Custom services is available for your needs.

Rubber Silicone Sleeve

This highly versatile rubber silicone sleeve is suitable for use in a broad range of applications and environments.

Reusable Coffee Cup Silicone Sleeve

Our products are manufacture using only the highest quality materials. Feature a smooth continuous finish, elastic and versatile.

Silicone Sleeve for Jars

Baiwe is your no.1 supplier of Silicone Sleeve for Jars. We ensure to cater to all your custom requirements. You can choose the size, color, design, and other configurations.

Custom Silicone Sleeve

Custom your silicone sleeve product with Baiwe. We are your one-stop-shop manufacturer and supplier in China.

Removable Silicone Sleeve for Fry and Sauce Pan

Removable Silicone Sleeve for Fry and Sauce Pan is heat insulated and good-anti scalding products which provide insulation for hot and cold environments.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Silicone Sleeve Project

Baiwe is an irreplaceable manufacturer of silicone sleeves, operating for more than 15 years. We have rich knowledge and capabilities to support your business. We are committed to delivering you the highest quality products and reliable customer services.

Today, we are serving 1000+ customers and sell our products worldwide. Our silicone sleeve products are cost-effective with excellent features and advantages suitable for different applications. A wide range of silicone sleeve products is available here, for example, we can offer high-quality silicone sleeves for fingers. Plus, we offer complete customization to meet your specific requirements. So, what are waiting for? Be one of our satisfied customers now!


Baiwe – Outstanding Silicone Sleeve Manufacturer

Baiwe is your excellent flexible silicone sleeve manufacturer with 15+ years of experience. Throughout the years, we continuously deliver the highest standard silicone sleeve for your various applications and requirements.

Baiwe offers high-quality silicone sleeves arm available in a range of formats and material compounds. It is a durable product ideal for use in a wide range of applications and environments. You can avail silicone sleeves at the best price and quality.

Baiwe silicone sleeves are manufactured from elastic silicone rubber by silicon injection mold, silicone compression molding, and extrusion tooling.  It features wear-resistant, shatter-resistant, flexible, and robust. Baiwe silicone sleeves handle temperatures of up to 250 °C.

Baiwe produces products from quality silicone sleeve materials. It includes a silicone sleeve for jars, a rubber silicone sleeve, a silicone sleeve battery cover case, a silicon sleeve cap tip, a pharma-grade silicone sleeve, and more.

Custom silicone sleeve manufacturing is also available here. We can etch your logo on the product. You can choose the sizes, colors, designs, patterns, etc. Baiwe can meet the needs of every customer’s ordinary orders and can meet the high standard of silicone sleeve projects.

In every manufacturing process, we ensure to follow strict quality control and 100% international standards. Our facility was accredited to the BSCI audit, and our silicone sleeve products are certified by FDA, SGS, and LFGB. You can ensure to receive the most satisfying quality products here.

For more than 15 years, Baiwe has earned an excellent reputation for supplying cost-efficient and dependable silicone sleeves products. In our factory, a large stock of silicone rubber products is accessible and ready to ship anytime, anywhere.

We have profound experience in this industry. A tooling team, engineering team, prototyping team, product design team, and skilled manufacturing team support us. From material sourcing, silicone sleeve designing, silicone sleeve production, packaging to the delivery process, you can guarantee 100% support from the Baiwe team. We ensure to provide fast and professional service to our valued customers.

Aside from silicone sleeve manufacturing, we also provide a broad range of rubber o ring, custom rubber parts, molded rubber gaskets, silicone straw, silicone bottles, and so on.

Whether you`re a supplier, wholesaler, or brand company that wants to boost your project demand, you are welcome here. We will be your trustworthy and one-stop-shop silicone sleeve product manufacturer and supplier in China.

If you need high quality products,we also can offer liquid silicone rubber injection molding service, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Get a quick quote now!

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