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Baiwe is your primary source of silicone case products. A high-quality and cost-effective silicone case product is what we offer, which helps expand your silicone business. We can manufacture your silicone case orders, no matter OEM or ODM.Silicone case normally made by silicone compression molding, we have advanced equipment to custom made cute silicone phone case.

Every selection of silicone cases undergoes strict quality inspections. We have these legible testing laboratories to ensure the physical strength and advantages of our products. So if you have an intention to avail and purchase any silicone case products, Baiwe is your liable key.For example, we can make silicone case phone 11.Pls let me know if you need this case.

Silicone Earphone Case

Silicone earphone case manufactures with a minimal and simplistic pattern. All-rounder portable case with keychain hook in keeping and protecting your earphone from possible fall and scratch.

Silicone Transparent Case

Silicone transparent case is a flexible case that suits any device. It comes from 100% fine silicone materials that ables to reveal the beauty of your devices due to their delicate structure.  

Silicone Stand Case

It provides a higher security and dropping protection of your devices. It makes you comfier while watching movies or videos since it has a stand that serves as a bracket where you do not need to hold your device.

Silicone Pencil Case

It has a perfect size where you can able to put all of your writing materials inside. It provides zipper closure for open and close applications. It prevents you from loss of your things and provides security and privacy.  

Silicone Wallet Case

It has a magnetic closure for adding security and prevention from any loss. Easy to carry and suitable for outdoor vacation or everyday activity.

AirTags Silicone Case

AirTags silicone case comes from top-quality silicone materials that offer you a practical and easy solution to secure everything you do not want to lose. Soft, comfortable, and easy to handle.

Silicone Eyeglass Case

We provide a tremendous selection of silicone eyeglass case that fits all glass frames. It structures by putting a comfortable securing lining inside to prevent the glass out from dirty, scratches, or cracks. 

Silicone Watch Case

It adds protection to your fancy and valuable watch. Easy to install in different watch accessories that make you comfortable and relieve from a possible drop. 

PS5 Controller Silicone Case

Baiwe engages in manufacturing a long-lasting service PS5 silicone case. It is soft, and light where can access all controls and provides better performance in gaming.

Silicone Pill Case

Silicone pill case constructs with easy opening edges. It has perfect shape measures and sizes that fit in your pocket. Durable and safe enough in preserving pills and medicines.

Silicone Vape Case

It has a unique feature where there is no need to take off the case when using the vape—process with non-slip texture and covers with unique and beautiful cover design.

Silicone Phone Case

A silicone phone case helps protect your valuable phones from scratch, dropping, or edge damage. Baiwe offers a massive collection of silicone phone cases at a cost-effective rate.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Silicone Case Manufacturer

Baiwe has adequate experience in this field of silicone case manufacturing. We have this knowledgeable engineers and designers who work hard for the production of silicone cases. All of our silicone cases and other related silicone products obtain the EN-71, RoHS, REACH-197 documents. 

Count on Baiwe for your silicone case apple demand. We can assure you that the sturdiest silicone cases are what you will receive. Just send us your silicone rubber products inquiry for an immediate quote.

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Baiwe: Your Leading Silicone Case Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Baiwe can be your trusted foundation for your silicone case needs. We manufacture and supplies high-efficient silicone case for your business and project assistance. 

Silicone cases are somehow famous to everyone. Hence, it is considered a safe place where you can put in all your valuable things inside. It keeps all your items safe, secure, and free from possible loss. Besides this, it serves as a safety cover in protecting all your accessories, gadgets, or any technological devices from possible scratch, cracks, damage, or dropping.

You can trust Baiwe for silicone cases for some reason. All our silicone products already submit all the international product certifications, including the EN-71, RoHS, REACH-197, with a complete set of audits like SGS, FDA, LFG, and BSCFI. We have this veteran silicone case designers and engineers who take part in silicone case production for almost seven years.

Baiwe’s silicone case gives you good features. It produces from the sturdiest selection of silicone materials that make it long-lasting to use. We will provide you different styles, designs, and colors of silicone cases depend on your purpose, or else, you can send us your blueprint for this product.

Baiwe is the foundation you can only trust for your silicone case. Each angle and structural element in this product is unique and attractive compare to the typical case. We accept tremendous silicone case orders and directly deliver them to your designated areas as soon as possible. 

At the lowest cost, you can now have your version of the silicone case airpods. We are always accessible and updated for your concerns and provide you with the silicone case’s newest and trendy style. It is a perfect solution for your silicone business. We are glad to supply silicone iphone case whether you’re local or international.

Visit us, Baiwe, for further information about the silicone case!

Silicone Case– Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking for a bulk supplier of silicone cases and need to know about the manufacturing process, quality, and the best factory?

If that is the case, then you have the opportunity to get all the detailed information on silicone cases in this ultimate FAQ guide.

Here is everything that you want to learn about silicone cases.

  1. What Is A Silicone Case?
  2. What Are The Different Products For Which Silicone Cases Can Be Used?
  3. Are Silicone Cases Strong?
  4. Which Is Better Hard Case Or Silicone?
  5. Why Do Silicone Cases Turn Yellow?
  6. Do Silicone Cases Cause Overheating?
  7. What Are The Benefits Of the Silicone Case?
  8. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone Case?
  9. Are Silicone Cases Beneficial For The Products?
  10. Can I Get Free Samples Of Silicone Case From China To Start My Business?
  11. Which Certification Do Chinese Silicone Case Manufacturers Have?
  12. What Are Some Designs Of Silicone Cases Available From the China Market?
  13. Do Chinese Case Manufacturers Have OEM/ODM Services?
  14. Can I Order Customized Silicone Cases From China?
  15. What Are The Other Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of Silicone Case?
  16. Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer Discount On Bulk Order Of Silicone Case?
  17. What Is The Production Process Of the Silicone Case?
  18. How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer Of Silicone Case?
  19. Is It Safe To Order A Batch Of Silicone Case From Chinese Manufacturer?
  20. What Is The Delivery Time Of Silicone Case Manufacturers From China?

1. What Is A Silicone Case?

A silicone case is a cover or a coating that allows you to protect your gadget or any product of your choice.

Typically, silicone cases are made for mobile phones.

The roughness in these cases helps prevent your phone from slipping and protects it from short-distance drops.

Because the case is just made up of a thin layer of silicone, it may not be able to protect your phone if it is dropped from a significant distance or with a lot of force.

Silicone casings are well-known among the general public.

As a result, it is regarded as a secure case where you can store all of your valuables.

It keeps all of your belongings safe, secure, and out of danger.

Aside from that, it acts as a protective cover for all of your accessories, gadgets, or other electronic items.

phone silicone case

2. What Are The Different Products For Which Silicone Cases Can Be Used?

Silicone cases can find their use for providing protection to a number of products.

Earphone Case Made of Silicone

A simple earphone case is made from silicone that helps to provide safety for earphones.

It keeps an earphone safe from falling and scratching or getting damaged.

Transparent Silicone Case

A transparent silicone case is a versatile case that fits any device especially mobile phones.


It is made of 100 percent fine silicone materials with a delicate structure that reveals the beauty of holding devices.

Silicone Stand Case

It improves the security of your gadgets and protects them from being dropped.

It makes watching movies or videos more comfortable because it features a stand that doubles as a bracket, so you don’t have to hold your device.

Pencil Case Made of Silicone

It protects you from losing your belongings and ensures your safety and privacy.

It’s the perfect size for storing all of your writing materials.

It has a zipper fastening that allows you to open and close it.

Wallet Case Made of Silicone

It incorporates a case that keeps extra security and loss prevention for your cash or any useful things.

It’s light in weight and also portable, making it ideal for vacations or regular use.

Silicone AirTags Case

AirTags silicone cases are made of high-quality silicone materials and provide a convenient and easy way to secure anything you don’t want to lose.

Watch Case Made of Silicone

This type of case protects your expensive and irreplaceable watch.

Simple to install in a variety of watch accessories that make you feel at ease and protect you from a potential fall.

Silicone Case for PS5

Silicone cases are also available to keep PS5 protected and safe.

It is soft and light, with easy access to all controls of your PS5.

Pill Case Made of Silicone

The pill case is made of silicone and has easy-to-open corners. It is the right size and form to fit in your pocket.

Pills and medicines are preserved in a durable and safe manner.

Vape Case Made of Silicone

This type of case allows you to use the vape without having to remove the case.

It protects your vape by having a non-slip texture, and it gives a distinctive and gorgeous cover design.

custom made silicone case

3. Are Silicone Cases Strong?

Yes, Silicone covers are often long-lasting and resistant to tearing and other forms of damage.

Because silicone is durable and absorbs stress well, it can safeguard all sections of the phone or any such devices from drops and other impacts.

Silicone covers are typically waterproof as well.

4. Which Is Better Hard Case Or Silicone?

A hard case and a silicone case both have their pros and cons. Each of them is better in its own way.

Silicone Case:

These cases are elastic and springy, protecting the phone from damage in the event of a fall.

It will either prevent or lessen any damage.

The silicone case completely encases the Smartphone, preventing scratches and damage.

Furthermore, the silicone cases’ surface is anti-slip, which can allow a better grip of holding the gadget or product.

On the bad side, a silicone case isn’t much of a dirt-protector. Any filth is tough to get rid of.

Many people believe that a silicone case does not look as attractive as a hard case, owing to its rubbery material and thickness.


Many hard cases are more attractive and durable than silicone cases. This is primarily owing to the thinner and glossier nature of these.

In comparison to the silicone Case, these hard cases have a significant benefit in terms of cleaning.

A hard case, on the other hand, provides less protection if the gadget or product is dropped once.

This is due to the fact that the case encloses the entire housing, and the fall is not softened, causing it to leap in certain situations.

If you want to keep your object safe from dust and grime in your pocket, you should get a hard protective case.

A hard silicone case is recommended if you frequently fall. Because it covers the entire Smartphone, this provides adequate protection.

5. Why Do Silicone Cases Turn Yellow?

The yellowing effect of silicone cases is caused by oxidation, which is caused by UV light.

UV rays that are coming from the sun are the primary cause of yellow discoloration in silicone phone cases.

Polymers can degrade even when exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and visible light.

This is the reason you will see a lot of old silicone cases turning yellow with time.

high quality silicone case for phone

6. Do Silicone Cases Cause Overheating?

Silicone is a poor heat conductor, which means it could obstruct the way your phone cools down.

Some cases trap heat, making it difficult for your phone’s outside to fulfill its job of cooling it.

Although mobile cases do not cause your phone to overheat, they do contribute to overall heat.

The phone’s external surface acts as a cooling cover, helping to disperse the heat generated by the phone’s internals.

A few phone silicone cases have a tendency to retain heat and prevent the phone’s external surface from cooling.

As a result, your phone will become overheated.

If you have a rubber case on your phone, you may be speculating as to why it is frequently overheating.

It’s because rubber cases are good at retaining heat.

If you frequently wonder why your smartphone is so hot, you can consider switching to a different type of phone case like a silicone case.

7. What Are The Benefits Of the Silicone Case?

A silicone case has several benefits depending on the need and type of use of a customer.

Screen Protection

Some cases are made to cover the whole device or gadget to ensure the safety of their screen.

They include a lip that extends beyond the phone’s edges to provide a tight and firm grip for screen protection.


Customers also use silicone cases for styling and representing their brand or a business on the cover.

These cases can be transparent or matte in their finishing to leave an elegant touch of style on them.

There are a plethora of options available. You can also make your own bespoke styles that are specific to your company.


The colors of silicone cases can change the whole look of your gadget.

This allows you to represent a certain cause or a style on your gadget using a protective case with the color of your choice.

Water Resistance

These silicone cases are resistant to water to some extent. This means they are best for use on your products.

A water-resistant case can also cover the dust and prevent other particles from reaching your device and messing with it in any way.

8. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone Case?

A silicone case is made from silicone material which gives it a good life expectancy of about 5 years.

A silicone case can be used for at least 2 years, after which it can get messy and torn up from different corners.

When the case is kept at room temperature, the shelf life can go up to 5 years for silicone case.

collecting silicone case

9. Are Silicone Cases Beneficial For The Products?

Yes, Silicone cases are often long-lasting and resistant to tearing and other forms of damage.

They’re antibacterial, and many of them are washable. Because of these qualities, they have a rather lengthy useful life.

The majority of silicone covers are quite soft and durable, which is advantageous for gadget or product protection.

10. Can I Get Free Samples Of Silicone Case From China To Start My Business?

The manufacturers in China who provide silicone cases are giving free samples to their customers.

If you are new to the silicone case business and you want to get free samples, you can get them from Baiwesilicone.

It is the leading manufacturer in China that is offering free samples to its customers to see the quality and style of silicone cases available.

11. Which Certification Do Chinese Silicone Case Manufacturers Have?

Chinese manufacturers who provide silicone cases have EN-71, RoHS, FDA REACH-197 certifications and documents.

These certifications ensure that the products obtained from such manufacturers will provide good quality and safety in terms of services.

12. What Are Some Designs Of Silicone Cases Available From the China Market?

Some designs offered by this manufacturer are.

  • Silicone Phone Case
  • Silicone Pill Case
  • Silicone Vape Case
  • Silicone Transparent Case
  • Silicone Stand Case
  • Silicone Pencil Case
  • Silicone Wallet Case
  • Silicone Eyeglass Case
  • Silicone Watch Case
  • AirTags Silicone Case
  • PS5 Silicone Case

Baiwesilicone is a manufacturer that delivers silicone cases for China market.

13. Do Chinese Case Manufacturers Have OEM/ODM Services?

Chinese manufacturers offer all the services for their case manufacturing process that including OEM and ODM.

The high quality and use cases can be obtained with original designs that can be selected by various business companies.

These manufacturers also allow the companies to request their special designs or choose a design from their layout.

The obtained design is then designed for a company’s specific requirements along with its own brand name.

14. Can I Order Customized Silicone Cases From China?

The manufacturers in China offer a complete freehand for the customers to order their customized silicone cases.

The cases produced by these manufacturers are soft but reliable. They last for years and protect your devices.

Ordering at custom requests from China requires getting in touch with the best manufacturers who can fulfill the demands of your business.

15. What Are The Other Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of Silicone Case?

Apart from the silicone used in the manufacturing of silicone cases, a mixture of petroleum products, sand, and quartz is used.

These materials make the silicone case very safe in terms of use and its lifetime.

16. Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer Discount On Bulk Order Of Silicone Case?

You can get discount offers from Chinese manufacturers of Silicone cases if you order in bulk from them.

Baiwesilicone allows its customers to buy in bulk and get a lot of discounts on the products.

They provide greater discounts than other manufacturers, and you can save a lot of cash when picking orders in bulk from them.

different size silicone case for phone

17. What Is The Production Process Of the Silicone Case?

The silicone case manufacturing process is separated into the following steps, as follows:

Silicone Kneading:

The production of silicone starts with a silicone kneading process that ensures that the raw materials are clean and cannot be contaminated.

Vulcanization Molding:

The second step is vulcanization molding to adjust the pressure, temperature, and other parameters when vulcanizing a product.

Trimming Treatment:

The process continues with the detection of defective products, ensuring that the product’s future processes are qualified.

Anti-Static Treatment:

Then the anti-static treatment is applied after processing to improve the touch of silicone cases.

Secondary vulcanization:

The secondary vulcanization process takes place afterward at a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

This is to check that any remaining low-molecular compounds are entirely volatile.

Inspection and Packaging of Final Form:

After a thorough examination of the products, qualified products will be wrapped in factory packing.

18. How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer Of Silicone Case?

You should look at the manufacturer’s quality certifications before choosing the right silicone case maker in China.

You also need to know what production plants they have and how they provide customer service, in addition to certifications and requirements.

You can also inquire from other clients who have used the services of the leading Chinese silicone case manufacturers.

19. Is It Safe To Order A Batch Of Silicone Case From Chinese Manufacturer?

Chinese manufacturers are trustworthy, which is why they are the safest option to order a batch of silicone cases.

These manufacturers allow their customers to see a sample of their manufactured product to gain the trust and then allow them to order accordingly.

Manufacturers like Baiwesilicone deliver high-quality batches of silicone cases across countries which is why they are a safe bet.

You should order your silicone cases in bulk from the Chinese manufacturer.

20. What Is The Delivery Time Of Silicone Case Manufacturers From China?

If you are a businessman who wants to obtain delivery from a factory in China, it will take 17 days.

It takes about 21 working days to ship a batch of silicone brushes to another nation in most situations.

The trade route and travel situation, as well as authorization and approvals, determine the condition of affairs.

Delivery to other countries could take up to 30 days, depending on the risks or difficulties experienced during exportation.



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