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We specialize in manufacturing durable silicone rubber products like silicone brushes and performing professional services in our molding, designing, and delivery services.

Silicone Brush Factory

Baiwe is your primary silicone brush source and producer. To support your silicone business, we offer a wide range of selections for your silicone brush with the best quality. Our services for silicone brushes are features to meet your specific applications. 

Besides providing the top-quality service such as silicone compression molding and LSR injection molding manufacturing, Baiwe invests resources to ensure the most abundant technical strength. So if you’re eager to have your silicone brushes for your businesses, Baiwe is the best solution. 

Matte Color Hair Silicone Shampoo Brush

These are nondisposable, cushion, vent, and compact featured. Matte color hair silicone shampoo brushes are mostly round in shape. You can have customized colors for your orders. 

Electric Face Cleansing Silicone Brush

Electric face cleansing silicone brushes are multi-function beauty equipment for healthy glowing skin. These are best for pore cleaner and blackheads removal to moisturizes the skin.

Soft Baby Massage Silicone Bath Brush

Soft and safe enough to use for newborn babies. These are for delicate or sensitive skin and dry skin. No irritation results while gently brushing your baby.

Wave Magnetic Facial Massage Silicone Brush

These have soft bristles for deep exfoliating and cleansing purposes. Wave magnetic facial massage silicone brushes have a handle grip to hold while cleaning and moving around your face.

Silicone Pastry Baking Brush

Silicone pastry baking brush comes from food-grade silicone and has no residual odor. These are very sustainable with high resistant temperatures.

Silicone Bathroom and Toilet Brush

Silicone bathroom and toilet brushes are best for homes, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. These are most sustainable compared to traditional toilet brushes. Pink, green, white, and blue is available colors. 

Back Bath Silicone Belt Brush

The back bath silicone belt brush comes from silica gel as raw material. It gives many advantages such as fresh smell, environmental protection, and safe use to clean all body parts.

Silicone Makeup Set Brush

These are very flexible beauty tools with a flat style. Silicone makeup set brush will help you to apply easily on thin layers of makeup evenly.

Soft Shower Back Scrubber Silicone Brush

Soft shower back scrubber silicone brushes are the best back cleaning tool for smell removal and dehumidification. These can stimulate blood circulation and make your skin smooth.

Silicone Dishes Kitchen Brush

Silicone dishes kitchen brush has soft bristles that provide a gentle scrub. These are featuring a comfortable grip that won’t slip out on your wet hands.

Round Silicone Pastry Brush

Round silicone pastry brushes work better comparing with bristle brushes. You will get quicker and better coverage with their minor drip without losing bristles. 

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle Silicone Brush

These can reach all narrow corners of the baby bottles—the best designs for a thorough cleaning that fit easily into bottlenecks without scratch and damage.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Silicone Brush Project

Baiwe is your legitimate supplier for your silicone brush business. We have skills and experiences that will help us to provide quality silicone products. For almost 15 years in silicone brush manufacturing, our products are RoHS, REACH-197, EN-71 certified. 

If you are looking for a silicone brush supplier with the highest resistance, Baiwe will give you the best choice. Baiwe has a complete set of audits like BSCI, FDA, SGS, and LFGB. Give us your specifications, and we will make it accordingly. 

Baiwe: Your Outstanding Silicone Brush Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Baiwe silicone brushes with their natural fiber don’t pick up much any liquids. They are safe to use for foods. Unlike those nylon brushes, silicone brushes are bacterial buildup resistant. Silicone brushes have high heat-resistant to temperatures and are easier to dry and clean. 

When caring for and cleaning your skin, silicone brushes from silicone materials are the cleanest and safest option. Baiwe silicone brushes are 35 times more hygienic comparing to nylon brushes. The sturdy bristles silicone brushes will make it easier to eliminate all kinds of skin bacteria and germs. 

Baiwe silicone brushes are best for basting poultry or meat and or greasing the hot pan. The premium silicone brushes are non-abrasive, resistant to odor, stain-resistant, and flavor absorption. However, silicon brushes are non-toxic due to their bonded composition.

Silicone brushes are helpful at home. Moreover, a silicone brush will also help to do a more thorough job. The handles add a pleasant feeling to use this silicone brush. Silicone brushes are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. 

Baiwe can provide silicone brushes with various colors, designs, sizes, and textures. To get reliable and trustworthy silicone brushes, you can send us your orders. Baiwe silicone brushes are best for your business. We are a stock supplier of silicone products like silicone brushes throughout the country.

Check our official website to learn further information about Baiwe!

Silicone Brush– Ultimate FAQs Guide

You must be a businessman who works to serve the customers with silicone brush products.

In case if you are searching for detailed information on silicone brushes, then here is a complete FAQ guide for silicone brushes.

This guide completes all the questions understand silicone brushes, and know where to buy silicone brushes in bulk.

  1. What Is A Silicone Brush?
  2. What Are The Different Application Industries Of Silicone Brushes?
  3. What Is The Production Process Of Silicone Brush?
  4. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone Brush?
  5. What Are The Advantages Of Using Silicone Brushes?
  6. How Well Do Silicone Pastry Brushes Work?
  7. How Do You Use A Silicone Makeup Brush?
  8. Does Silicone Brush Melt?
  9. Are Silicone Brushes Safe To Use?
  10. Can I Get Free Samples Of Silicone Brushes From China To Start My Business?
  11. Which Certification Do Chinese Silicone Brush Manufacturers Have?
  12. Does Chinese Silicone Brush Manufacturers Have OEM/ODM Services?
  13. What Is MOQ For Silicone Brush From Chinese Manufacturers?
  14. Can I Order Customized Silicone Brushes From China?
  15. What Are The Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of Silicone Brush?
  16. Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer Discount On Bulk Order Of Silicone Brush?
  17. How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer Of Silicone Brush?
  18. What Is The Delivery Time Of Silicone Brush Manufacturers From China?


1. What Is A Silicone Brush?

A silicone brush is a product made for cleaning, coating food, or for brushing purposes.

Food grade kitchen Silicone Brush

There are various types of silicone brushes, and each of them has a specific use.

A silicone hairbrush is used to comb the hair and set them perfectly in a form.

A shampoo silicone brush helps to extract the extra particles from the hair of a person’s head.

The silicone basting brush is a product that can coat food with enough flavor.

It can also be used on a hot grill.

2. What Are The Different Application Industries Of Silicone Brushes?

There are various application industries of silicone brushes in a wide range.

Bottle Cleaning Brush Industry

Silicone bottle cleaning brushes are designed with long handles and are suitable for deep and thin neck bottles such as baby bottles and vases.

With 360 degrees flexible hair, it penetrates deep into the bottle.

It helps in removing cursed stains in every corner and completely loosening the bottle.

It’s also great for cleaning water bottles.

Bath Scrub Brush / Sponge Industry

A faceted bath scrub brush that adds depth and softness to long, dark, and soft hair.

Food grade Silicone-Brush

The bulging ridge on the other side can be seen through a lymphatic massage, improving blood circulation and removing dust from the skin.

Face Brush Industry

Facial cleansing brushes have small, soft hair that can remove makeup, sunscreen that clogs pores, darkening and dirt on the skin.

Helps to dissolve pores and skin, circulate facial blood, improve pores and improve cream absorption into the skin.

Eclectic facial cleansing brushes are very popular today.

U-shaped Toothbrush Industry

U-shaped silicone toothbrush design that loosens your arms when brushing your teeth.

The U-shaped design is in the shape of a mouth.

Each facet has four layers of diagonally smooth hair, providing a perfectly smooth enamel floor and interior.

3. What Is The Production Process Of Silicone Brush?

A silicone brush can be produced using the silicone molding process.

It is formed into different shapes based upon compression molding, injection molding, and sometimes through silicone extrusion.

Silicone Molding

Silicone molding is the most popular method that helps to produce components that are efficient and consistent.

The production process is simple, where the press applies a certain pressure on the heated material to the areas of the cavity.

The mold, along with the heat, cures the silicone and forms into a shape that is desired for making the brush.

Compression Molding

The compression molding process is simple, which works for less quantity of silicone brushes.

A material is selected in the process with a suitable grade, and then a preproduction choice or custom design is formulated.

The processing is done on the approvals of the company by mixing the silicone compounds into appropriate pieces.

The process for applying the size and weight takes place, and then the material is placed into the cavity of the machine.

Then the compression molding process begins on the silicone compounds.

Injection Molding

The injection molding process is another way to produce silicone brushes with automatic and computer-controlled processes.

In this method, the machine quickly injects a specific amount of silicone cloth directly from a tube or cylinder into a closed heating mold.

At key points during the injection and curing cycle, the injection molding machine shuts the heated mold and exerts tension to keep it closed.

The screw then injects rubber from the nozzle into the mold.

Silicone rubber passes through the channel and sprayer, then through the mold and into the mold chamber through the gate.

Silicone Extrusion

Silicone rubber is another process for manufacturing silicone brushes using a molded die.

This process is to achieve complex profiles and diameters.

Silicone extrusions generally make great strides in a variety of silicone brushes.

They are long-lasting, available in different colors, and come from different environmental conditions.

Extrusion is a technique in which a silicone fabric is pressed against a molding die to create a diameter tube and profile.

The machine starts with the selection of materials.

You need to carefully choose the right grade or create a custom formula that gives the body house the machining characteristics.

BPA free baking Silicone-Brush

4. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone Brush?

The average shelf life of a silicone brush is about 18 months to be minimum.

This time span is from the date it is manufactured that also depends upon the room temperature of about 73°F/ 23°C.

Some silicone brushes can have more shelf life if they are kept with proper care and at a suitable room temperature.

It is also possible that some low-quality silicone brushes last about 12 months from their date of manufacturing.

5. What Are The Advantages Of Using Silicone Brushes?

There are various advantages of using silicone brushes.

  • It is quite hygienic, and it is also very long-lasting. This is why it can be used for serving a long-time purpose.
  • Silicone bristles, unlike nylon bristles, are non-porous, making them resistant to bacterial buildup and 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brushes.
  • It makes them an excellent alternative for use everywhere without fear of difficulties.
  • The flexible bristles’ massaging effect on the scalp helps promote blood flow to hair follicles, which can aid hair growth.
  • An electric silicone facial cleanser brush removes pollutants, makeup, and excess oil from the pores.
  • These brushes moderate exfoliation by combining the distinctive silicone ridges with gentle pulsations to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • They are good to hair since they aid in the removal of hair care product buildup as well as dead skin cells on the surface.
  • The electric face cleanser brushes can also function as a facial exfoliating tool.

6. How Well Do Silicone Pastry Brushes Work?

Silicone pastry brushes are useful in the kitchen because they are well resistant to heat, and they are waterproof as well.

Silicone’s properties that make it a helpful material in the kitchen is it’s a non-porous material.

This helps so that the food particles don’t stick to it well.

This renders it entirely unsuitable for a pastry brush, which requires the liquid you’re dipping it in to cling to it.

When compared to a Silicone brush, which is the hefty hairbrush of the pastry industry, a brush with natural or Nylon bristles for such delicate jobs is like a fine-tooth comb.

Silicone brushes do not absorb as much liquid as natural-fiber brushes and are a touch harder on sensitive meals.

They, on the other hand, never shed, are heat-resistant, and are considerably easier to clean.

Bath Silicone Brush

7. How Do You Use A Silicone Makeup Brush?

A silicone makeup brush is a lightweight product that helps in applying makeup to the body.

This brush is basically used for applying a face mask that helps to remove porous and dead cells from the skin.

They don’t blend anything, and they serve only one purpose that is doing the facial mask.

You can’t use them with any wet products or in any wet conditions.

8. Does Silicone Brush Melt?

The silicone brush set can withstand temperatures as high as 4460F/2300C.

Silicone basting brushes dry quickly, are non-stick, and are easy to use.

They never shed, can withstand extreme heat, and are considerably easier to clean.

Silicone brushes are ideal for basting poultry or meat, as well as scrubbing a hot pan clean.

Non-abrasive, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, and flavor-absorbent, the premium silicone brushes are a great choice.

9. Are Silicone Brushes Safe To Use?

Yes, Silicone brushes are safe to use.

They are an ideal choice to pick because they won’t affect or harm a human skin at any point.

As compared to nylon brushes, silicone brushes are 35 times more sanitary.

The silicone brushes’ tough bristles will make it easier to remove all types of skin infections and germs.

Although silicone brushes are far more durable than natural-fiber brushes, they are not resistant to wear and tear.

The bristles on all the models are unharmed when you leave the brushes in a hot pan.

10. Can I Get Free Samples Of Silicone Brushes From China To Start My Business?

Yes, the Chinese manufacturers are providing free samples for their silicone brushes and products.

If you are about to start your business with silicone brushes, you can get samples from Baiwesilicone.

It is a silicone brush manufacturer in China with the best quality products at very affordable rates.

They can provide a huge list of brushes for you in desired colors and sizes, along with the custom textures that you require.

It is a reliable and trustworthy provider that can deliver orders in bulk for your business.

Kitchen baking silicone brush

11. Which Certification Do Chinese Silicone Brush Manufacturers Have?

The Chinese silicone brush manufacturers have RoHS, REACH-197, EN-71 certifications.

Baiwesilicone is a manufacturer from China that provides the best quality standards with BSCI, ISO9001, FDA & LFGB certified products.

This allows gaining the trust of the customers who are willing to trust a verified and trusted manufacturer for providing silicone brushes.

12. Do Chinese Silicone Brush Manufacturers Have OEM/ODM Services?

Chinese manufacturers have diverse services for their customers, which also include OEM and ODM services.

The Original Equipment Manufacturing from a Chinese manufacturer will help you to order exactly the original design that you search for.

In case you are starting your own business or a company, then the Chinese manufacturer will work with particular requirements and specifications.

Baiwesilicone offers these services as a manufacturer from China along with ODM services.

You can get the private labeling done on your products by selecting existing silicone brushes from the manufacturer.

It adds and makes up new changes to your selected choice and produces a new design under your specification.

This allows you to sell the products under your brand name.

13. What Is MOQ For Silicone Brush From Chinese Manufacturers?

The minimum order quantity for silicone brushes from any Chinese manufacturer is acceptable.

Most of the Chinese manufacturers provide small MOQ services so that they can gain customer trust and satisfaction with their products.

They ensure that MOQ works as a sample or prototype that can later lead on to bulk quantity deals and buy.

14. Can I Order Customized Silicone Brushes From China?

The benefit of buying silicone brushes from China is that the manufacturers provide custom order requests for the products.

The customer or any person with a business of his own can order his customized silicone brushes with delivery.

15. What Are The Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of Silicone Brush?

The major compound or material used in the manufacturing of silicone brushes is food-grade silicone.

They use plastic resin, antioxidants, and colorants for manufacturing silicone brushes.

Other than this, the various materials can be compounds that vary according to a manufacturer’s specifications or requirements.

Food grade silicone brush for baking

16. Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer Discount On Bulk Order Of Silicone Brush?

You can get discount offers from Chinese manufacturers of Silicone brushes if you order in bulk from them.

They provide greater discounts than other manufacturers, and you can save a lot of cash when picking orders in bulk from them.

17. How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer Of Silicone Brush?

To choose the best Chinese manufacturer of silicone brushes, you should be relying on looking upon the following things.

  • Their Full Certification
  • They must have their own old making plant
  • And they must be following a strict quality system
  • A 7/24 Online support for customers should be available

18. What Is The Delivery Time Of Silicone Brush Manufacturers From China?

It may take about 17 days if you are a businessman wanting to receive delivery from a manufacturer in China.

In most cases, shipping a batch of silicone brushes to another country takes roughly 21 working days.

The state of affairs is determined by the trade route and travel scenario, as well as authorization and approvals.

Depending on the hazards or difficulties encountered during exportation, delivery to other countries could take up to 30 days.

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