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Baiwe – Your ultimate solution for all your silicone bottle requirements. We will provide you silicone bottles with full certifications.

Proficient Production For Your Silicone Bottle Products

Baiwe is a professional silicone bottle manufacturer in China. We are aiming to produce and develop high-quality silicone bottles at affordable prices. We made all of our silicone bottles by silicone compression molding. We also supply and design custom-built silicone bottles according to your specifications. Furthermore, we are manufacturing a wide range of silicone bottles at Baiwe and deliver them worldwide.Also we are capable of manufacturing other silicone rubber products.

Silicone Sports Water Bottle

Baiwe manufactures durable silicone sports water bottles. This water bottle is perfect for athletes. Also, this is BPA-Free and collapsible.

Silicone Baby Feeding Bottle

This silicone baby bottle is available in various sizes and colors. Baiwe manufactures it with many features such as BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, and many more.

Silicone Dog Water Bottle

Baiwe is supplying silicone bottles for your pets. This silicone dog water bottle is collapsible and portable, which makes it perfect for travel! We can customize silicone water for your pets according to your needs.

Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Baiwe manufactures food-grade silicone water bottles. This silicone water bottle is foldable and portable. We offer custom-made water bottles according to your specific requirements. Also, we can customize a logo for your silicone bottle.

Travel Silicone Bottle

This travel silicone bottle is obtainable in different colors, designs, and container capacities. This is perfect for your shampoo and skincare cream when you travel.

Silicone Baby Feeding Bottle with Spoon

Choose Baiwe if you want to purchase a silicone baby feeding bottle with a spoon! Baiwe manufactures high-quality and food-grade silicone baby feeding bottles with spoons. This silicone bottle is also BPA-free.

Hands-Free Self-Feeding Baby Silicone Bottle

This kind of baby silicone bottle is the perfect feeding system when you travel. Self-feeding baby silicone bottle prevents colic and reflux.

Silicone Bottle Baby Water Cup

At Baiwe, you can find the best and durable silicone bottle baby water cup. This type of silicone bottle is soft, food-grade, BPA-free, latex-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free.

Silicone Baby Bottle Cup with Straw

This silicone baby bottle cup with straw is suitable for 0-3 years old babies. It has a removable straw and lid. This helps prevent flatulence. Furthermore, this is phthalate-free, nitrosamine-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, and latex-free.

Silicone Bottle Cover

This silicone bottle cover from Baiwe is a high-quality food-grade silicone. This is temperature-resistant and prevents slipping. We have silicone bottle cover in different sizes, colors, and designs.

Basketball Shape Silicone Water Bottle

Baiwe manufactures silicone water bottles in different shapes. This includes basketball shape silicone water bottles. This type of bottle is leak-proof, non-toxic, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and eco-friendly.

Silicone Folding Kettle Water Bottle

Baiwe is supplying and engineering silicone folding kettle water bottles from 100% food-grade material. Baiwe offers a wide range of silicone water bottles, so you can select the silicone bottle you desired.

Baiwe: Your Best Silicone Bottle Manufacturer in China

Silicone bottle is widely used right now as silicone material is very safe, it’s made by silicone compression molding and liquid silicone rubber injection molding. If you are looking for a trustworthy and expert silicone bottle manufacturer, Baiwe is the best place to go! We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry of silicone bottle products. We offer a complete range of excellent quality silicone bottles.

We dedicate ourselves to provide our customers a high-quality silicone bottle product at a reasonable price and the best customer service. Moreover, we accept customized products of silicone bottles according to your desired design, size, colors, and other specifications.

Baiwe- Your Professional Silicone Bottle Manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable and professional silicone baby bottle manufacturer? If so, you are in the right place! Baiwe is manufacturing and supplying high-quality silicone bottles for many years. Manufacturing durable silicone bottle is our expertise.

We are supplying a complete range of silicone bottles. One main product of silicone bottle includes a water bottle, baby feeding bottle, silicone water bottle for pets, silicone bottle for your care, and many more.

Baiwe can design silicone bottles according to your preferred color, size, design, and other specific details. We are accepting customization of your silicone bottle and its logo.

We made our silicone water bottle with a lot of features. Our silicone bottles for drinking are non-toxic, BPA-free, latex-free, dishwasher-safe, leak-proof, eco-friendly, nitrosamine-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free. Therefore, they are safe, hygienic, and durable. Also, we are engineering some silicone bottles with a collapsible and squeezable design.

We manufacture all of our silicone bottles that meet and surpass international quality standards. We have an expert and professional team that observe each manufacturing process from material sourcing, production of silicone bottles, and the final distribution of the silicone bottle products.

If you need a durable and high-quality silicone bottle to support your business, Baiwe is the best partner! We are known for providing the highest quality silicone bottles and other related products. We ensure that all of our silicone bottle products will exceed your needs.

Would you please not hesitate to message us directly for your inquiries? You also can send us the specific requirements of your other silicone rubber product project, and we will provide you our best solution.

Silicone Bottle – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you a businessman who wants to start a silicon Bottle business and needs to know about the manufacturing of silicone bottles and their use?

If yes, then we have compiled an ultimate FAQ’s guide for your knowledge to learn everything about Silicone Bottles.

Let’s see detailed information about silicone bottles and their uses.

  1. What Is Silicone Bottle?
  2. What Are The Uses Of Silicone Bottle?
  3. What Are The Different Uses Of Silicon Bottles?
  4. What Are The Benefits Of Using Silicone Bottle?
  5. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Silicone Bottles?
  6. Are Silicone Baby Bottles Safe?
  7. What Is Better Silicone Or Glass Bottles?
  8. How Do You Clean Silicone Bottles?
  9. How Long Does Silicone Bottle Last?
  10. Can You Order Custom Silicon Bottles?
  11. How To Choose The Best Silicon Bottle Manufacturer From China?
  12. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Bottles?
  13. How Much It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Bottles To My Country?
  14. What Are The Materials Used In Silicone Bottles?
  15. What Are The Requirements To Start A Silicone Bottle Business?
  16. Can I Print Custom Text On Silicone Bottles From China?
  17. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Silicon Bottle Prototyping Service?

1. What Is Silicone Bottle?

A silicone bottle is a product made out of silicone and other materials that are meant to hold water or other liquids.

custom made Silicone-Bottle

Silicone bottles are a nice compromise between glass and plastic bottles.

They aren’t as sterile or hefty as glass, but neither are they as porous or stain-prone as plastic.

They’re ideal for moms who want something that’s less expensive than glass but yet has the necessary safety measures.

2. What Are The Uses Of Silicone Bottle?

One of the key reasons for the silicone water bottle’s popularity is that it may be used for a variety of purposes.

Examples of these bottles include carrying cold drinks, freezing drinks in the freezer, hot drinks, and heating them in the oven.

They aren’t just for carrying water; they can also be used to transport juices, coffee, carbonated drinks, and other beverages.

Some common uses of silicone bottles include:

Constant hydration and lightweight materials are required for traveling.

It’s a convenient thing to bring around and will fit well in your bag.

You may easily take silicone bottle to the gym and put it in your pocket.

Cycling and skiing both need the use of both hands, therefore silicone water bottles are an excellent alternative.

Purchasing drinks at the airport or on a trip is costly and wasteful, as each transaction typically includes a bottle.

Silicone water bottles are a great alternative to steel water bottles because they are easier to travel with.

The inconvenient nature of having to load steel bottles when they are empty is one of the most common complaints.

These unique silicone water bottles are both convenient and long-lasting.

3. What Are The Different Uses Of Silicon Bottles?

The amazing silicone water bottles are both convenient and long-lasting.

These bottles are completely safe to use and may be frozen or microwaved without harming the contents.

BPA free silicone bottle

Carrying liquids has never been easier than with this ideal water bottle.

The best thing is that the flexible and light foldable silicone water bottle is easy to store and transport.

The different uses of these bottles include.


They may simply be collapsed into a smaller form, making them portable.

Environment Friendly

Silicone bottles are friendly to the environment because they are reusable, as opposed to purchasing water and then discarding plastic bottles.


Food-grade silicone completes the production of silicone bottles, that is also legal and approved because it does not react with liquids at any temperature.


it may be used for both cold beverages as well as for hot ones, including carbonated beverages.

4. What Are The Benefits Of Using Silicone Bottle?

There are the following benefits of using silicone bottles.

  • Compared to stainless steel or glass bottles, silicone bottles are typically lighter.
  • They are lightweight, which is ideal for youngsters who already have hefty school backpacks without the addition of a heavy water bottle.
  • They are simple to carry. When a collapsible bottle is empty, it may be folded or deflated to fit easily in your backpack or pocket.
  • Even if they aren’t empty, you can squeeze them. They are made to be long-lasting.
  • Children are also prone to dropping water bottles. Silicone bottles can withstand a lot of abuse and still look good.
  • You can use it to make an ice pack by freezing water in a silicone bottle because it can be stable at high temperatures.
  • While they don’t provide the same level of insulation as an insulated bottle, they are less likely to burn your hands than a single wall stainless steel water bottle.
  • A squeezable, soft body that feels like soft touch cannot harm a baby.
  • Easy to clean wide neck design
  • Silicone bottles are stretchable, making them useful for children or situations where carrying a rigid bottle is impractical.
  • Medical-grade silicone is used in manufacturing that is baby-safe.

5. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Silicone Bottles?

The manufacturing process of silicone bottles includes the following steps.


Figure 3 Silicone Bottle

  • The production process starts in the workshop of the manufacturing plant, where the quality department starts with the initial inspection.
  • Then the process starts from the vulcanization process where the food-grade silicone, rubber, and non-toxic polymers are baked at 200 ℃temperature for four hours.
  • The harmful substances and vulcanization agents are evaporated in the process, which ensures a safe and reliable product.
  • Then the reinspection procedure takes place, after which the process of bottle cap design starts.
  • The quality department of the company inspects the bottle cap and then uses it for suitable bottles.
  • At last, the packaging department packs the bottles with their caps and leaves them for warehouses.
  • The quality department then takes the last inspection, and then the silicone bottles are made ready for shipment.

6. Are Silicone Baby Bottles Safe?

Yes, the silicone baby bottles are ensured to be safe.

The silicone bottle is composed of Food-Grade Silicone that is also resistant to impact.

This is a naturally safe, durable, and hygienic material with no open pores that could suppress bacteria, safeguarding your baby’s health.

7. What Is Better Silicone Or Glass Bottles?

Generally, silicone bottles are considered to be better as compared to glass bottles. This is due to the following reasons.

blue silicone bottle

Glass is the most expensive option; it is heavier than the other silicone bottles.

It is more difficult for newborns to handle on their own, and it has the obvious disadvantage of breaking when dropped.

Sleeves are designed to make grasping easier and to reduce the risk of fracturing.

Silicone bottles are uncommon, but they are adored. They’re also reasonably priced.

They’re soft, simple to hold for babies, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and light.

Silicone bottles are a nice compromise between glass and plastic bottles.

8. How Do You Clean Silicone Bottles?

Cleaning a silicone bottle is pretty easy with warm water.

The bottle should be rinsed 15 times with water that is warm or hot enough to remove impurities.

Then, using a hairdryer, open the blow and dry it as much as possible.

After drying, the silicone travel container will not breed bacteria.

Vinegar can also be applied in some cases to clean silicone bottles.

9. How Long Does Silicone Bottle Last?

Silicone bottles can last for about ten years at least.

This is because silicone has the lowest sensitivity to aging effects.

silicone Collapsible Bottle

The shelf life of silicone is high, and the silicone bottle is put into group C by BSI ISO2230 for its aging effects.

A silicone bottle needs to undergo some testing and verification processes which shows that it is fit for its purpose and how long it will last.

10. Can You Order Custom Silicon Bottles?

The manufacturers in China take custom order requests for their silicone bottles.

They provide high-quality entirety with certification of the products to deliver their silicone bottles across the world.

Baiwesilicone is a leading manufacturer in China that accepts custom order requests for silicone bottle production.

11. How To Choose The Best Silicon Bottle Manufacturer From China?

To choose the best silicone bottle manufacturer from China, you should see its quality certifications.

silicone collapsible Bottle

Other than the certifications and standards, you must know what manufacturing plants do they have and how they are providing customer services.

You can also choose to ask from the other customers who have availed the services from the best Chinese manufacturers for silicone bottles.

12. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Bottles?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers are famous for producing top-notch quality silicone bottles in bulk.

They are very cost-effective, and they provide beneficial services to the clients or business companies.

One of the top manufacturers from China, known as Baiwesilicone, offers good quality silicone bottles at affordable rates.

The customers can also ask for bulk buy and request their custom orders by getting in touch with the manufacturer directly.

13. How Much does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Bottles To My Country?

The average delivery time of all the manufacturers from China is 17 days of the delivery time for their silicone bottles.

This time can vary, and it can take more in some cases where customers buy in bulk or have specific requirements for shipping.

Sometimes the delivery time can extend up to 1 month based upon the route and approval from the authorities for shipping.

14. What Are The Materials Used In Silicone Bottles?

The silicone bottles are mostly made up of food-grade silicone, rubber, and a mixture of silica that is a non-toxic polymer.

These materials provide great properties to silicone bottles, due to which they can withstand freezing temperatures and heated temperatures.

The food contaminated in these bottles is also safe due to their verified and safe construction.

15. What Are The Requirements To Start A Silicone Bottle Business?

Starting a silicone bottle business is a huge responsibility, and it comprises a lot of important processes.

Make A Plan

As a businessman, you must have a well-thought-out strategy.

It will help in better understanding of the specifications and requirements of the business and find certain unknowns.

  • Storage tanks, water treatment machines, filters, filling machines, conveyors, sealers, water sterilizers, water dispensers, bottle loaders, trucks, and employees to work in the facility are all included in the costs of starting a water treatment plant.

For a “bare bones” facility, startup expenses can range from $500,000 to $750,000.

However, depending on the scale of your organization, some plants may require more cash, up to $1.5 million or more.

You’ll also need a manufacturing firm license as well as a permission from your state’s health department.

Create a Legal Entity

Forming a legitimate business entity, protects you from being held responsible for any causes or defects if your silicone bottle company is sued.

Fill a Tax Form

You’ll need to register for a number of federal or state taxes before you can start doing business.

To start registration for taxes, you’ll need to file an appeal for an EIN.

It’s quite easy to do and it’s absolutely free.

Create an Account For Company

Personal asset safety requires a use of distinct business banking accounts.

When your personal accounts is facing difficulty or fraud, your assets are put in danger if your company is issued.

16. Can I Print Custom Text On Silicone Bottles From China?

Yes, you can print custom texts on silicone bottles if you order your package from China.

The Chinese manufacturers like Baiwesilicone allow custom request orders that can be taken from pre-built samples and used with custom text.

The customers can add their custom brand name or logo to the product after requesting it from the manufacturer.

Those silicone bottles can then be sold in the open market with the tag of the business that owns those products.

Printing custom text on silicone bottles does have its own limitations too. Some statements or texts are prohibited by the state to use on products.

You need to learn more about that before you add any custom text to your products.

BPA free big Collapsible Bottle

17. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Silicon Bottle Prototyping Service?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers allow prototyping services for ensuring the customers and businesses with the test of a sample.

By contacting the manufacturer directly and discussing prototypes, these services can be obtained.

These prototypes are sent based on the customer’s region and area.

In some situations, they may not be able to provide prototyping services to certain businesses.

As a result, you should review the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions, as well as its policies, to gain a better understanding of the situation.




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