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Baiwe is a professional pacifier manufacturer in China. We can make any pacifier according to your specifications.

Advanced Equipment Pacifier Manufacturer

Baiwe is a one-stop-shop pacifier supplier in China. With over 15 years of experience in pacifier manufacturing, there are 2 moldings ways to make it, one is regular quality, which is silicone compression molding, and the other one is high standard way which is liquid silicone injection molding. we customize your pacifier according to your project needs. We can offer you the best result since we are full certification in SGS, EN71, REACH197, RoHs, and Phthalate free.

Baiwe also has an expert production team to provide you the best output. And hence, if you have a business or are considering starting one that requires a pacifier, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Mini Cute Pacifier

Our Mini Cute Pacifier has a one-of-a-kind design that makes it easy for your baby to grip and bite. It promotes the healthy development of a baby’s gums and teeth.

Silicone Baby Ring Pacifier

Baiwe Silicone Baby Ring Pacifier is easier to clean, more satisfying to the mouth, and more secure. It’s a popular method for lulling infants to sleep.

Silicone Cartoon Baby Pacifier

This Silicone Cartoon Baby Pacifier serves as a substitute for a nipple. It is a baby’s first toy that is excellent for calming a baby’s mood.

Super Soft Silicone Pacifier

Your baby will fall asleep with the Super Soft Silicone Pacifier. It can keep your baby awake while drinking milk and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Customize Soft Pacifier

Our Customize Soft Pacifier features a heart shape. It is a food-grade silicone material. We can provide any color you required.

Round Pacifier

Baiwe Round Pacifier satisfies your baby’s needs for soothing and security. We can make a variety of round pacifiers to meet your specific needs.

Red Glitter Pacifier

This Red Glitter Pacifier features a translucent, large, natural, and soft clear silicone nipple. These adorable pacifiers are available in a variety of bright colors.

JollyPop Baby Pacifier

Your baby will be soothed and calmed with the help of a JollyPop Baby Pacifier. It features a chemical-free silicone that’s free of BPA.

Green Soothie Pacifier

Doctors and nurses use our Green Soothie Pacifier to soothe newborns. It features a one-piece design that is simple to clean.

Blue Silicone Pacifier

The contoured “butterfly” shaped shield on the Baiwe Blue Silicone Pacifier curves around the nose and cheeks. It is made entirely of silicone and is light and comfortable.

Clear Collection Pacifiers

These Clear Collection Pacifiers are fun and functional pacifiers for babies. It is ideal for the development of the jaw and teeth.

Mini Air Pacifiers

For babies with sensitive skin, the Baiwe Mini Air Pacifiers provide plenty of breathing space. You can even see your baby’s smile through it.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Pacifier Manufacturer

Baiwe is a well-known manufacturer of silicone rubber products in China. Baiwe pacifiers are one of their products.

Baiwe pacifiers are Food Grade and Medical Grade Silicone and other high-quality BPA-free materials and come with complete certifications.

Simply visit us in Baiwe, and we will provide you with this satisfying assistance in finding your preferred pacifier at the lowest possible price.

Baiwe- Your Professional Pacifier Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Are you looking for a reputable pacifier manufacturer? Baiwe is the best option for you. We are a manufacturer and distributor of silicone and rubber products, not only in China but in all of the world’s major markets.

Baiwe pacifiers are Food Grade and Medical Grade Silicone and other high-quality BPA-free materials and come with complete certifications of GS, EN71, REACH197, RoHs, and Phthalate free.

​​Baiwe also employs an expert production team to ensure the highest quality output. We provide you a free 3D design. Our designer team can create drawings in as little as 1-2 days, and we always offer complimentary design services for you.

We provide complete support for customized baiwe pacifiers because we have the best and most skilled team to meet all of your project’s requirements. Additionally, we utilize the advanced technology to create the ideal pacifier for your business.

We can let you have a video call or live streaming, and If you worry about the production process and quality, we can show you every detail. We consistently deliver on time because, for many years, we have been improving our control management system, which helps us keep our production time under control. We are fully aware of the significant nature of On-Time delivery to our clients.

It’s not easy to find the best pacifier manufacturer. Still, Baiwe is here to help and render the best pacifier because of China’s leading silicone and rubber manufacturers. We all know that pacifier is the most beneficial to babies to soothe and calm them; we should look for the best manufacturer and safest supplier in town regarding health issues concerning babies.

Baiwe has a strict quality control system. We can guarantee you the highest quality of pacifiers before and after production; we thoroughly check every product; the pacifier, in particular, is highly beneficial to babies since it helps to calm and comfort them.

Baiwe is your ideal partner in your pacifier business or putting up business for pacifiers. We offer various types of pacifiers that meet your requirements. If you don’t see your preferred pacifier in the list above, please contact us. We are so delighted to answer your inquiries since we are 24/7 online.

We commit to working with you throughout the process, from design to materials selection to production and delivery, to ensure that your pacifier manufacturer meets or exceeds your expectations.

To learn more about us, please visit our official website. Baiwe

Silicone Pacifier – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking to prevent death-causing syndrome and enhancement of sucking abilities?

Or are you wondering about a stress reliever to assist your newborn in sucking, prevent choking, and is comfortable as well?

Well, it is not wrong to consider it an essential part of your newborn’s kit.

In the following FAQ guide, you will find several general questions that should answer all your questions regarding a silicone pacifier.

So let’s explore!

  1. What’s Is Silicone Pacifier?
  2. What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Pacifier?
  3. How Long Will Silicone Pacifier Last?
  4. Is Silicone Pacifier Safe For Babies?
  5. What Is Better Rubber Or Silicone Pacifier?
  6. How Often Should You Wash A Silicone Pacifier?
  7. Can You Boil Silicone Pacifiers?
  8. Can You Clean Pacifier With Hand Sanitizer?
  9. What Are The Materials Used In A Silicon Pacifier?
  10. What Are The Design Aspects Considered While Manufacturing Of The Silicon Pacifier?
  11. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Silicone Pacifiers?
  12. What Quality Control Steps Are Taken In The Manufacturing Of The Pacifiers?
  13. What Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing A Silicone Pacifier Manufacturer From China?
  14. What Is Liquid Injection Modeling Pacifier Process?
  15. Can I Order Customized Design Of Silicone Pacifier?
  16. What Quality Certifications Should Silicone Pacifier Manufacturer Have?

1. What Is a Silicone Pacifier?

A silicone pacifier is the most convenient tool made of silicon that enhances your newborn’s suckling abilities.

A silicone nipple replacement is given to a baby between feedings to comfort it by filling its need to suck while it appears to not be demanding food.

Silicone nipple replacement is given to a baby between feedings to comfort it by filling its need to suck while it appears to not be demanding food.

Silicon pacifiers have a combination of three parts, an elongated nipple, a mouth shield, and a holder.

The mouth shield is completely compatible with the mouth of the child.

Since the name indicates the manufacturing process includes some chemicals.

Silicone nipples contain the following materials in their composition.

  • Silicon
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon

Besides naturally occurring chemical substances, silicone nipples contain some chemical preservatives plus softeners that make them comfortable and safe.

A comfortable design for infants

2. What Are The Benefits of The Silicone Pacifier?

The benefits of the silicon pacifier are multiple but the major benefits are listed below:

  • Multi purposed

A silicone pacifier is a pain reliever during an infant’s minor procedures and sucking enhancement.

Plus Silicone pacifiers prevent the itching in gums and prevent your infant from sudden death syndrome.

  • Comfortable design

Mostly the manufacturers mimic the mother’s nipple design while manufacturing silicone pacifiers which makes it the best replacement for the mother’s nipple.

Newborns feel the same sucking comfort.

  • Cost friendly

While manufacturing manufacturers mostly use a material that is flexible in quality plus cost-friendly

Similarly, the silicone pacifier is made of material silicone that is not much costly and manageable to the pocket.

  • Durable material

Silicone pacifiers, because of their quality manufacturing material, are a linguistic and reliable device as an infant’s sharp teeth can’t tear it off easily.

  • Flexible to clean and use

Silicone pacifiers with plastic sterilizers can be used for the microwave just after an initial boiling procedure using a steady steam to clean and sanitize.

Silicone pacifier a safe product

3. How Long Will Silicone Pacifiers Last?

The silicone pacifier is a long-lasting device but its tenure can not be rightly estimated.

However, the silicone material is a reason for its durability and longevity.

It is tough, resistant to dash-washed heat that makes it longer lasting.

The light glow of the pacifier is usually estimated to last in 500 minutes.

BAIWE silicone, which has been in service since 1998, is a reputable manufacturer that guarantees a product that will last a long time.

Their manufacturers make sure that the product they provide you will last a long time and be durable.

4. Is Silicone Pacifier Safe For Babies?

Silicone pacifiers are safe for babies, while some factors may go against this statement.

However, according to FAD, silicone is the best material as it is not reactive against hazardous agents released on heating.

A misleading concept of some studies has shown that traces of siloxanes can leach from silicone on exposure with a temperature above 300F and fat.

It is also linked with liver changes, endocrine disruption, and reproductive impairment.

Fortunately, it is a big misconception as no traces of siloxanes leach out from it when exposed to fat or high-temperature range.

In some cases, silicone pacifiers can be harmful to your infant as they are manufactured with low-quality silicone.

BAIWE Silicone is one of the silicone manufacturer companies you can rely on.

They manufacture every product using the safest and high-quality silicone material.

Boiling of silicone pacifier

5. What Is Better, Rubber Or Silicone Pacifier?

Rubber and silicone pacifiers are good on their own but many factors make silicone pacifiers best. So let’s explore them:

  • Safe Material

Silicone pacifiers are made of the safest material that is non-reactive to the hazardous agents that release on heating.

While on the other side, rubber plastic pacifiers may react to the harmful substances released on heating.

  • Long-Lasting material

Silicone pacifiers are better in terms of durability and longevity than rubber pacifiers.

The pacifiers made up of silicone are tough enough that the baby’s sharp teeth cannot tear it off.

On the other hand, the nipple hole of a rubber pacifier can increase in size rapidly

An infant’s sharp teeth may find it easy to tear it off.

6. How Often Should You Wash A Silicone Pacifier?

After the first use, silicone pacifiers need a wash.

All you have to do is to use the single wash after the single-use schedule.

By following this routine, the chance of transfer of bacteria via a pacifier falls up to 2 % only.

There is no time for bacteria to stay on the pacifier surface or initiate infarction growth.

A variety of silicone pacifiers

7. Can You Boil Silicone Pacifiers?

Yes, you can boil silicone pacifiers for cleaning purposes and to kill bacteria in them.

Most people go for this method as it takes two to three minutes to make it clean and bacteria-free but it takes time to cool down.

It’s the most convenient and comfortable method to opt for.

However, there are many substances that leach out with high-temperature exposure that may cause a trigger.

Luckily in the case of silicone, there is no leaching fear of any substance hazardous to an infant’s health.

8. Can You Clean Pacifiers with a Hand Sanitizer?

No, hand sanitizers are not a good option to clean pacifiers at all.

According to FAD studies and expert’s recommendations, it is highly condemned to use hand sanitizers even for hands.

The microbial combination of Burkholderia Cepacia complexes along with Ralstonia Pickettii makes it harmful.

The above combination leads to deadly infections including skin infection in soft tissues and may adversely affect the immune system.

Therefore, you don’t have to complicate it. Various simple methods can be used to wash it.

9. What Are The Materials Used in A Silicone Pacifier?

Silicone pacifier, as the name indicates, is made up of Silicone material

Manufacturing pacifier nipples usually involves the use of this material.

Furthermore, Silicon contains elements like silicon, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen that occur naturally.

10. What Are The Design Aspects Considered While Manufacturing The Silicon Pacifier?

Design aspects of silicone pacifiers include shape and design, materials, mechanical properties, and packaging.

liquid silicone pacifier

There are various designs and shapes of nipples to choose from when it comes to design:

  • The spherical
  • The orthodontist.

Both of these have their dimensions, shapes, and characteristics.

They are made up of the highest quality 3D digitalized designs.

This software enables the creation of detailed digital models from physical parts

You can overlap the images of nipples to get a better idea of their dimensions.

11. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Silicone Pacifiers?

The manufacturing process of silicone pacifiers is quite easy since most are one-piece products, the most preferred method from a safety perspective.

Using liquid injection molding, the production process is completed in a single step.

  • Liquid injection molding evolved from metal die casting, but it is different from molten metals and polymer sand, where polymers have a high viscosity.
  • Additionally, it does not get poured into a mold but a large force is applied to infuse the polymer into a hollow mold.
  • After this a cavity is used to put the melted polymers

12. What Is the Liquid Injection Modeling Pacifier Process?

The liquid modeling pacifier process is done in four simple steps

  • Step 1: Heating

The first manufacturing step is heating the polymer pallets at high temperatures ranging from 360 – 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating is done to melt the polymer pallets. So that these melted pallets easily enter the machine via a hopper.

Now molten is ready for injection.

  • Step 2: Stuffing of Molten Polymer in Mould

In this step, the melt gets stuffed into the frame at a very high speed and under extreme pressure of 300-700 psi approximately.

The melted material is added to the melted polymer for reducing the contraction due to cooling effect.

  • Step 3 Cooling And Discharge of Mould

In the third step, the cooled polymer is separated or taken out of the frame.

Now, this hardened part discharged from the frame or mold on it. Afterward, the cycle will repeat.

The duration of repetition of each cycle is between 10 and 100 seconds purely depending on polymer cooling and set timings.

  • Step 4 Examination And Packaging

The pacifier is then examined and packaged for shipment.

Pacifiers may not be considered sterile but are clean in packaging.

Many manufacturers for fast manufacturing may ignore the observation that may put a negative impact on end-product quality.

To avoid this situation you have to choose the manufacturer wisely.

BAIWE Silicone is one of the leading companies that perform all the manufacturing steps under expert observation to avoid any manufacturing fault.

13. What Quality Control Steps Are Taken In The Manufacturing Of The Pacifiers?

The quality control steps that are taken during the manufacturing of the pacifier are very simple but essential to the quality of the product.

Among all the steps the very first step and the very last are the most crucial steps.

  • As a first step, the manufacturer ensures that the product is clean and hygienic.
  • Furthermore, make sure that no hazardous substances are present.
  • If any chemical is found, the manufacturer ensures that it is removed.
  • Following the prototype development process, the product will undergo testing to ensure that it meets US standards.

BAIWE Silicone has maintained quality standards since 1998 that implies overall the world.

Their professionals implement quality control measures according to their knowledge that sets them apart from the competition.

Nomenclature of silicone pacifier

14. What Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing A Silicone Pacifier Manufacturer From China?

While choosing the silicone pacifier manufacturer you have to consider the necessary factors like the quality provided by the manufacturer and their working strategies.

In addition, check the professionalism of the manufacturer.

China’s manufacturers are well known for the production of silicone products plus the companies that are maintaining the quality standards for decades

You may go for China’s most reliable firms like BAIWE Silicone— they are China’s best, most reviewed silicone products manufacturers since 1998.

15. Can I Order a Customized Design Of Silicone Pacifiers?

Yes, you can order a customized design of silicone pacifiers if you order it from a well-known company like BAIWE silicone, which has been providing services for more than 15 years.

To make a physical sample according to your needs, you will need to send a professional manufacturer your 3D design.

In case you are confused and unable to choose an appropriate design, their technical team will help you out by offering 3D designs.

You can get a high quality 3D drawing for good ideas.

16. What Quality Certifications Should Silicone Pacifier Manufacturers Have?

The quality certification silicone pacifier manufacturers include BSCI, FAD iSO 9001- 2000, and LFGB NPS.

It’s necessary to manufacture the silicone pacifiers with proper processes. All certificates include:

  • The quality used in product manufacturing must be upto the mark
  • Make sure to clean the pacifiers
  • The recommended temperature and pressure during manufacturing are applied.
  • Laser scanning from different shapes and dimensions.
  • Try to visualize the nipples and orifices by using standard criteria
  • With all these practices in place, Bowie Silicone has been ensuring quality standards since 1998

The certificates they have demonstrate their manufacturing standards and reliability.

BPA free silicone pacifier





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