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Your Reliable Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer in China

We can make different custom silicone products for your project.

Proficient Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturing

Baiwe is one of the best silicone rubber products manufacturer and supplier in China. We can customize all kinds of silicone molded products as per your demand.

Aa a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer, baiwe has different manufacturing machines for your different silicone rubber products. We have our own silicone injection molding plant, you don’t need to source many suppliers to cooperate with your orders. First, we have silicone rubber compression molding, it can customize your most molding silicone rubber parts. If you need high precision molded silicone rubber parts, we also have LSR injection molding(Liquid silicone rubber ). We also have spray coating workshops, printing workshops etc.

Baiwe can meet your any requirements for silicone rubber products.

Silicone rubber product VR glass frame

High precision silicone rubber VR glass frame

Silicone rubber products airpod cover

Custom made silicone rubber airpod cover

Silicone Rubber Product Electronic Keypad

Custom made silicone rubber electronic keypad

Silicone Rubber Product Microphone Cover

Silicone rubber microphone protective cover

Silicone Rubber Product Parts

Silicone rubber custom molded parts

Medical Silicone Rubber Parts

High precision medical silicone rubber parts

Baiwe: One-stop Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer, High Precision Molded Silicone Rubber Parts

As the one of best silicone rubber product manufacturers in China, we have a full range of advanced manufacturing equipment for your different kinds of silicone rubber products. Our factory has passed BSCI and our silicone rubber products also approved by FDA, SGS, and LFGB. You are guaranteed to give us your silicone rubber products project.

Baiwe has been focusing on silicone molding and manufacturing for over 15 years, we can make your silicone rubber parts accurately, the size tolerance can be up to ±/0.01mm. So if you have very high standards for your project, we are your best choice.

You can send us your details right now, we can be your best silicone rubber products manufacturer for the next order.


silicone rubber bellows


Well Selected Raw Material For Your Silicone Rubber Products Order

The silicone rubber material is a polymer elastic material, it has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, toughness, and electrical insulation. That’s why silicone rubber material can be widely used in many industries. You can purchase our silicone rubber products for the consumer market, electronics industry, medical industry, and automotive industry.

If you are looking for a silicone rubber products manufacturer and supplier in China. Our raw material is well selected and approved by FDA, SGS, and LFGB, we will take care of your silicone rubber products order.

Your Every Silicone Rubber Products Order Will Be Guaranteed

As a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer and supplier in China. We have put a lot of effort to improve our supply chain, it will help to save much cost and time for your silicone rubber products project. From silicone rubber raw material selecting, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipping. We always manufacture your orders efficiently and in a cost-saving way. Just send us your ideas to get the best quote now!! We are confident to be your silicone rubber products manufacturer.


Silicone Products for Kitchen

Baiwe  not only make silicone rubber products for industrial application. Also make products for the kitchen, such as silicone cases, silicone storage bags, silicone bottle, silicone brush, silicone ice tray, silicone straw.

Popular Silicone Products

We also can make silicone pacifier for baby, and silicone sleeve, and push pop bubble. Contact us right now for quote.

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