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Baiwe is One of Best Silicone O Rings Manufacturer and Supplier in China

We can custom made any type of silicone o rings for your business.

Proficient Manufacturing Process For Your Silicone O Rings Project

After years of focusing on the manufacturing of silicone o rings products, we have become one of the leading silicone o ring manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our own high-precision mold-making plant, and advanced production equipment, which can customize all silicone o ring products for you.

Our strict quality control system can guarantee you will get high-quality silicone o rings, we have a full set of testers, such as abrasion test, tensile test, lifetime test, etc. Your silicone o ring order will be inspected by many times during mass production. Also, we can offer photos and videos of the silicone o ring manufacturing process.

Baiwe can offer silicone compression molding, LSR injection molding, and silicone overmolding service. Pls send us your inquiry right now, we will offer you our best solution.

silicone o rings in different size

Custom made silicone o rings in different size

silicone o rings with metal part

High quality silicone o rings with metal part

silicone o rings in white color

High quality silicone o rings in white color

silicone o rings in white color

Custom made all  silicone o rings in white color

silicone o rings

High-quality silicone o rings

food grade silicone o rings

Custom made food-grade silicone o rings

Baiwe:We Would Be Your Reliable Silicone O Rings Manufacturer and Supplier

We can provide you with machinery, ship, automobile silicone o ring accessories. Also, we are capable of making silicone o rings with food grade or medical grade, our products will undergo strict secondary vulcanization to ensure that there is no peculiar smell. The raw materials are food-grade or medical-grade liquid silicone gel, which is safe and non-toxic and has no BPA harmful substances.

Baiwe has an advanced high precision CNC tooling machine, and rich experience in silicone parts manufacturing, as a professional silicone o rings manufacturer and supplier, we can offer you the smallest flashes and parting line which are very important to the function of silicone o rings.

Pls share with us your 2D/3D design or even your idea, we will quote you our best prices immediately. We are confident to be your first choice silicone o rings manufacturer and supplier.


silicone o rings with different size and colors

We Also Can Custom Made All Types of Silicone Products For You

We are one of the leading silicone o rings manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have ability to custom made all kinds of silicone products for you. Such as silicone parts, silicone rubber products, silicone gasket, silicone hose, etc.

Silicone O-rings– Ultimate FAQs Guide

You must be wanting to know about Silicone O-rings and their properties, along with other information about them for your business.

Well, you have entered the right spot as this is the Ultimate FAQs Guide for Silicone O-rings that covers everything related to O-rings in detail.

  1. What’s Are Silicone O Rings?
  2. What Are The Benefits And Featuresof Silicone O Rings?
  3. What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone O Rings?
  4. What Are The Applications Of Silicone O Rings?
  5. How Are Silicone O Rings Manufactured?
  6. What Are The Different Types Of Silicon O Rings Available?
  7. Are Silicone O-Rings Better Than Rubber?
  8. Do Silicone O-Rings Stretch?
  9. Can You Use Silicone Instead Of O Ring?
  10. Does Silicone Oil Swell O-Rings?
  11. How Tight Should An O-Ring Be?
  12. How Much Should An O-Ring Be Compressed?
  13. What Can I Use If I Don’t Have An O Ring?
  14. How Do You Make O-Rings Seal Better?
  15. How Do You Lubricate Silicone O-Rings?
  16. Why Should You Lubricate O-Rings?
  17. Do O Rings Stretch Over Time?
  18. What Are FFKM O Rings?
  19. What Are The Limitations Of Silicon O Rings?
  20. How To Choose The Best Silicon O Rings Manufacturer In China?

What’s Are Silicone O-rings?

Silicone O-rings are a type of material as a seal used for environments where there is high temperature.

They are used in machines or components that are meant to resist high temperatures.

 Silicone O-Rings

They have excellent properties through which they can flex and stay normal in strong ozone and even UV radiation.

They have great insulating properties as well as are physiologically neutral in nature.

They almost adjust with any type of composition to provide flexibility and performance in a device or machine.

These O-rings are round like in a circular shape, and they are installed or squeezed between two components or walls.

They act as an effective seal to avoid any leakage of gas or fluids through any path like a pipe or any gland.

In case you want the best Silicone O-rings in China, then Baiwesilicone is offering the top-notch quality material for the customers.

What Are The Benefits And Features of Silicone O-rings?

There are several benefits of using silicone O-rings as they have quite useful and durable features.

  • It is best for heat resistance and compression resistance.
  • It has excellent flexibility properties.
  • It has resistance to biological attacks and fungi.
  • It is the best electrical insulator.
  • It can easily resist ozone, oxygen, vegetable oil, sunlight, and even grease.
  • It can easily be compounded to match up with the USDA, USP CLASS VI, FDA, 3-A, and Canda AG.
  • It can hold in a very wide temperature range.
  • It is usually non-toxic and odorless.
  • It holds poor resistance properties.
  • It has excellent compression properties.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Silicone O-rings?

The shelf life of silicone O-rings can base on various factors, which depend on their different types.

  • The shelf life of FKM, FFKM, Silicone, EPDM, FPM. Butyl and Fluorosilicone are unlimited.
  • The shelf life of NBR BUNA-N, Chloroprene, Hypalon, HNBR, ACM Polyacrylate is about 15 years.
  • The shelf life of Polyurethane is about 5 to 10 years, depending on its type.
  • The shelf life of SBR is 3 years.

What Are The Applications Of Silicone O-rings?

Silicone O-rings find their application in a wide range of applications that may include the following.

 Silicone O-Rings

  • These O-rings are used in automobile industries for developing high-performance products in order to help them resist heat and leakage.
  • They are used in heavy-duty trucking and aerospace where there is chemical exposure and extreme temperature conditions.
  • They are also used in conditions where there is a need to eliminate or reduce vibrations in machines.
  • They are used in the medical field for using the filtration process or joining the connectors as well as in pumps and syringes.
  • They find their application in dispensers, storage tanks, fittings, gas pumps, valves as a sealant to withstand temperature conditions.
  • They can deal with high compression.
  • They also help for dust protection as well as Semiconductor processing in different electronics that require a clean environment.
  • They have good water resistance service and are ideal for food processing along with wide use in water filtration markets.
  • They are helpful to provide seals to the glands or pipes where there is a flow of liquid or gases and even the brake oil.
  • They can be used in heavy-duty machines or equipment like extreme engineering.
  • They are also used in the production of drugs and miniature components.
  • They can act as good semiconductors for integrated circuits.

How Are Silicone O-rings Manufactured?

The process of manufacturing Silicone O-rings requires a wide range of methods and techniques.

These processes can lead to compression molding, injection molding, transfer molding, extrusion, or even machining.

These O-rings require the best elastomers for the production process, and they require a great deal of precision and care.

Plenty of materials can be utilized, yet they will rely upon the materials like fluorocarbon, neoprene, silicone, and nitrile elastic.

Distribution center strategies are utilized to follow every single one of the periods of this cycle.

Thusly, a new modernized framework is created.

Uncommon trim impacts are used to begin the cycle.

A shape gets crude materials via a significant infusion forming measure.

The ideal form is achieved through the shape.

An expulsion system is utilized to set up the crude material from where a pressure cycle is applied to accomplish this objective alongside the trim.

The elastomer will be fit to be embedded once expelled.

The design of O-rings additionally depends on quality, cost, amount, fixing pressure, development, application temperature, oil, similarity, activity, quality, and other things.

The double-dealing of a wide cluster of crude materials is additionally required.

High temperatures are utilized with high pressing factors that produce the O ring.

The top quality and output of an O ring are guaranteed by severe control systems of O ring providers as well.

The utilization of clean energy is significant during the interaction that meets the quality standard of the ISO 9001.

An elastomeric round cross-area will be compacted into a significant O ring hole.

Infusion accessories or pressure trim can then be utilized to create O-rings.

An O ring is genuinely something critical for you to keep away from leakages forever.

You need to remember that an O ring can arrive in a wide exhibit of sizes, which will permit you to have a great deal of space to move down the line.

Baiwesilicone industries are the best manufacturer in China that can provide you all types of O-rings with the highest quality.

What Are The Different Types Of Silicon O-rings Available?

There are various types of Silicone O-rings, and they have a few different properties.


Fluoroelastomer is also known as FKM, which consists of carbon-fluorine in a strong bond.

This material has high thermal, chemical, and oxidation resistance due to its high-performance synthetic rubber.

This rubber is made from fuels and aggressive chemicals that give it resistance to high temperatures.

Such types of Silicone O-rings are used in explosive gases environments or oil industries for controlling a lot of things.

They are available at Baiwesilicone who is the best manufacturer in China.


Perfluoroelastomer is another type of Silicone O ring that has the chemical resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene.

It adapts to the elasticity of FKM, and it is made stable for chemical, thermal, and oxidative environments by a fully fluorinated backbone.

This type of O ring has high seal integrity that helps to reduce cost and maintenance and provides greater safety in most situations.

This material provides the highest resistance and flexibility to sit tightly in situations to provide a stable, smooth experience.


EPDM is another type of Silicone O ring with inert chemical properties.

This type of O ring performs very well in most situations where there is a resistance required for steam, weather, heat, or even ozone.

It has good processing abilities, which is why it is commonly used as a low-cost polymer with its high inert nature.

This makes it better material, but it can be less sticky, which is a limitation to this material than most of the other elastomers.


Nitrile is a type of O ring that has good resistance and stability for oils and fuels.

It is also called Perbunan, Buna-N, and it is a useful O ring material to perfectly be used with fuels or oils.

Nitrile is a useful solution in terms of performance and resistance for most of the situations where glands and pipes are used.


Silicone O-rings are types of rings that comprise a spine of silicon iotas with exchanging oxygen particles.

These high-energy silicon-oxygen bonds make silicone more impervious to warmth than numerous other elastomeric materials.

This inorganic spine additionally makes silicone more impervious to growth and gives it incredible enduring properties.

It is not respected in especially high-strength material as it can be torn moderately without any problem.

Silicone ‘O’ rings can be applied to high-temperature applications or where harm from the components may somehow be an issue.

Nonetheless, because of silicone’s property to get easily torn and scraped area obstruction, it ought to just truly be considered for static instead of dynamic applications.

Is Silicone O-Rings Better Than Rubber?

Silicone O-rings have a better-lasting capacity, and they do last longer than rubber.

It is said that Silicone O-rings will last four times more than any rubber material.

These O-rings can be applied in such a high-temperature situation where the chances of damage are greater.

It is to reduce the risk where the damage from the elements can be caused at a greater stage.

These O-rings offer a better well-rounded package along with several benefits for resistivity, stability, and even chemical resistance.

Do Silicone O-Rings Stretch?

Silicone O-rings have elastic and flexible properties, which allows them to be stretchable to some extent.

They can easily stretch with external pressure, but they regain their shape right after the pressure is released.

You can put silicone O-rings on any surface or between the walls by stretching them, but they will be reduced to their original size after then they are removed.

It can adjust to various places where it is required because of its properties to be able to stretch.

Baiwesilicone is providing the best stretchable silicone O-rings across China to all the customers around different countries.

Can You Use Silicone Instead Of O Ring?

Silicone can be used instead of an O ring but not in a heavy industrial setup or any machine where there is too much heat and pressure.

O-rings have very good flexible properties, and they sit very well on surfaces where there is a need to close a gap and form a blockage for leakage and gas.

Silicone also has flexible properties but is not as good as O-rings which means that silicone can tear down due to pressure or after some time.

Silicone allows for sealing and bonding virtually with anything without requiring too much.

Such types of sealants are usually cheap, and they don’t cost a lot for fixing various equipment.

Silicone can help a mechanic to fix hydraulic components for oil leaks and gas leaks.

This sealant applied to a certain place can last for years if they are not messed with.

Does Silicone Oil Swell O-Rings?

No, the silicone oil doesn’t swell O-rings as it doesn’t take any effect at all.

Silicone oil is generally used for lubricating some rubber parts, which includes the O-rings, and it doesn’t soften or swell the O-rings in any case.

This oil helps to work well as a corrosion inhibitor and the places where lubrication is needed.

How Tight Should An O-Ring Be?

An O ring should be tight enough to become an effective seal.

The inside diameter of the O ring should be small, and the piston groove should be large that helps the O ring to be effectively stretched.

Due to this, it can fit perfectly in the groove, and the stretch should be 5% at most.

Usually, 2% stretch is considered ideal in most cases, but any stretch limit greater than this is never recommended.

How Much Should An O-Ring Be Compressed?

An O ring should be compressed to 25% at most.

It normally requires two to three times more load or pressure to compress it to 40%.

Silicone O-Rings

This pressure level is enough to deform any mating components that are fragile and lightweight.

If the compression limit of the O ring is not reached or failed, then this means premature failure has occurred because of a high compression set.

It is similar to abrasion failure in which both sides of the O ring cross-section are flat.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have An O Ring?

There are the following alternatives to try if you don’t have O-rings.

  • Axial face seals.
  • Rubber substitutes.
  • Extruded and cut seal profiles.
  • Flange seals.
  • Composite sealing plates.
  • Static radial seal.
  • Press-in-place seals.
  • Parker Hannifin.

How Do You Make O-Rings Seal Better?

To make the O-rings seal better, you can use the perfect fitting O-rings on the components.

The high-quality resistant O-rings are suitable to work as a sealant for oil and gas leakage through any pipe or glands.

Sometimes, silicone can be applied along with the use of O ring seals to provide it better coating and cover every corner properly.

The best O ring seals are provided by Baiwesilicone, which is the best manufacturer of Silicone O-rings in China.

How Do You Lubricate Silicone O-Rings?

You can lubricate silicone O-rings in three ways.

Internal Lubrication

In this process, lubrication is blended into the elastomer prior to trim.

This lubrication is scattered uniformly all through the elastic before vulcanization and brings down the coefficient of erosion of the surface.

It then reaches through the whole elastic part.

An example of an interior lubricant that is generally added to elastomers is Teflon.

External Lubrication

Lubricating fluid is applied to the outside of a shaped part.

This grease sits on the outside of the seal, and as such, it very well may be taken out by specific liquids or solvents.

This temporary lubrication can incredibly diminish scraped spots, squeezing, and cutting places.

An additional advantage of such lubrication is it can go about as a boundary between destructive system synthetics and the elastomer, expanding its life.

An example of an ordinarily utilized brief outside grease is petrolatum.

Semi-Permanent Lubricant Coating

This type of lubrication is applied to the O-rings, where they might require any coating.

For these applications, various sorts of coatings are accessible that can give great lubrication to seals without the defilement issues.

In this type of lubrication, these coatings can strip and chip after some time, so they are not absolutely long-lasting.

Two normal semi-extremely durable coatings are parylene covering and Teflon.

Why Should You Lubricate O-Rings?

It is important to lubricate O-rings because they are used in high temperature and pressure situations.

Silicone O-Rings

Lubrication helps to improve their life as well as keeps them refreshed for a longer period of time.

A dry O ring that keeps going under pressure for a lot of time is most likely to worn out sooner than it would with lubrication.

Do O-rings Stretch Over Time?

O-rings have flexible properties and are made from super strong cross-linked silicone material, which is why they don’t stretch over time.

This is because of the chemical properties that allow them to stretch slightly but not enough.

No matter how much they swell or shrink, they regain their position right after some time when external pressure is removed.

The only way in which O-rings stretch is by heating when the temperature rises above 500 degrees or when it gets below 100 Fahrenheit.

The silicone O-rings will start to lose their shape afterward.

What Are FFKM O-rings?

Perfluoroelastomer is another type of Silicone O ring that has the chemical resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene.

It adapts to the elasticity of FKM and is made stable for chemical, thermal, and oxidative environments by a fully fluorinated backbone.

Silicone O-Rings

This type of O ring has high seal integrity that helps to reduce cost and maintenance and provides greater safety in most situations.

This material provides the highest resistance and flexibility to sit tightly in situations to provide a smooth experience.

FFKM O-rings are best suitable for temperature conditions like -45 °C to +330 °C.

Such FFKM O-rings are designed to perform even in the most demanding sealing applications.

For leak-tight seal reliability, Baiwesilicone is offering the FFKM silicone O-rings that are built to last.

The benefits of FFKM O-rings include.

  • Good mechanical properties that work great in improving sealing performance.
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001 standards that ensure a high-quality product
  • These O-rings have high density, and they are highly durable.
  • There is a wide temperature range of -45 °C to +330 °C.
  • They are non-flammable.
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions as well as ozone resistance.
  • Great gas and liquid resistance.
  • Best for explosive decompression and hygienic applications.

What Are The Limitations Of Silicon O-rings?

There are the following limitations of silicone O-rings.

  • These O-rings are not resistant to Ketones that is known as (MEK)
  • They also lack resistance to any brake fluids.
  • They are non-resistant to acids.
  • They are non-resistant to silicone oils.
  • They are limited in a situation where there are concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids as well hydrocarbon-based fuels.
  • They are also non-resistant to high gas permeability and aromatic mineral oil.
  • They cant be used in dynamic environments because of the poor abrasion resistance and low strength of the material.
  • They don’t work well with diluted sodium hydroxide.
  • It is not recommended to use them with alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons as well as superheated water that has a very high temperature.

How To Choose The Best Silicon O-rings Manufacturer In China?

Baiwesilicone is the best manufacturer for Silicone O-rings.

This is the best manufacturer because it provides ISO standard level O-rings that undergo professional testing and verification processes.

The company offers wholesale for O-rings across different countries, and there are discounts as well as complete offers on these O-rings.

Customers are allowed to test and check the quality of manufacturing silicone O-rings as well as the final output to satisfy them.

Shipping services are also provided to customers who are abroad or from different countries.

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