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15 years of silicone molding manufacturing, custom made any kinds of silicone parts for you.

Full Equipment Silicone Parts Manufacturing

Baiwe is a leading silicone rubber product manufacturer in China, we can custom made any kinds of silicone parts as per your requirements. The silicone rubber material is widely used for many areas, like industrial silicone parts, automotive silicone parts, medical silicone parts, and consumer products parts.

We have the ability to offer silicone injection molding service, like silicone compression molding, liquid silicone injection molding, silicone overmolding , we also have a full range of manufacturing plant equipment, like spraying coating plant, silkscreen printing plant, and surface treatment plant, etc, you don’t need to source several suppliers for your complex silicone parts. We can be your one-stop silicone part manufacturer.

The Professional Engineer team at Baiwe can offer you a 3D drawing design if you don’t have one, we can make a rapid prototype within 5 days. If your molded silicone parts project is very urgent, we even can offer you a faster 3D printing service within 2 days to check the prototype first.

silicone parts-pacifier

Food grade silicone gel for silicone parcifier parts

Silicone pacifier

Food grade silicone parcifier with BPA free

medical silicone parts valve 

Medical grade silicone valve parts

Medical silicone parts-pressure ball

Custom made medical silicone parts-pressure ball

Liquid silicone part-baby toothbrush

Baby silicone toothbrush made by liquid silicone molding with medical-grade silicone gel

Medical silicone parts oxygen mask

High quality medical liquid silicone parts oxygen mask

Baiwe: Strict Quality Control System For Your Silicone Parts Order

As a professional molded silicone parts manufacturer, We not only accept bulk quantity orders but also accept low volume quantity orders, if you want to give us a trial order of custom molding silicone rubber parts. Baiwe always put you in the first place.

As a molded silicone part manufacturer, we have been improving the quality control system for all time, it makes sure you can get high quality casting silicone rubber parts.

Pursuing better quality is our passion, that’s why we set up a cleanroom plant if you have a high standard on molded silicone parts. If you need medical silicone parts, our factory can meet your requirements.

Custom made silicone parts

Liquid Silicone Parts has Small Parting Line for Your High Precision Silicone Parts Order.

You know the parting line is always a difficult problem for molded silicone parts, but Baiwe has been keeping the investments on our silicone molding making equipment and our technical team, which brings us the nice silicone mold, so the parting line is very fine, the flashing is very small. Of course, the liquid silicone rubber molding can make a better parting line than the silicone compression molding does, if you are very strict on the liquid silicone rubber parts, we suggest you to chose LSR molding(Liquid silicone rubber molding).

We will be your best choice for silicone parts manufacturer.

What Kind of Silicone Rubber Part Do We Make?

We can custom made silicone gaskets, silicone O rings, and silicone tube, etc.

Baiwe: Fast Delivery for Your Silicone Parts Project

Baiwe has been paying a lot of effort into fast delivery, normally, you can get your molded silicone parts within 15~25 days(It depends on your order quantity). If you need any helps on your custom silicone parts project, just contact us now!


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