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State of the Art Silicone Keypad Manufacturing

Baiwe was found in 2005 with rich manufacturing experience in silicone keypad and silicone button.We have advanced equipment for your custom rubber keypad order. Our own mold-making plant can make high precision rubber keypad for you. Also, we have a full range of surface treatment machines, printing machines, and a full set of testers. It can meet any aspects of your project.

Pls send us your 2D/3D design or your physical silicone rubber keypad sample. Our professional team will quote you the best solution at a competitive price.

silicone keypad for calculator

Silicone keypad produced by silicone compression molding

Silicone keypad for electronic parts

High precision silicone keypad for electronic parts

3-Custom Silicone Keypad

Custom made silicone keypads as per your design

Silicone Buttons for Electronic Components

Custom made silicone buttons as per your electronic project

Custom silicone keypad for Calculator

High quality custom made silicone keypad

silicone keypad for machine

Custom made different high precision silicone rubber keypad for all machine

Baiwe: Your Reliable Silicone Keypad Manufacturer and Supplier

As one of the best silicone rubber keypad manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have comprehensive manufacturing workshops for your strict requirements for silicone rubber push button.

As for custom silicone rubber keypad surface treatment, we have much technology as per your demands, like color spraying, PU coated.It can help to improve your silicone rubber keypad surface performance. If you have higher requirements for a custom rubber keypad, we also can make plastic cap on  rubber keypad.

Baiwe has been taking a lot of efforts to improve every aspect for best quality like we have advanced equipment for silkscreen printing, laser etching, emboss logo, etc for your options. And we have many different ways of conductive silicone keypad.

Send us your detailed requirements right now, we will offer you our best solution for your silicone rubber keypad project.


All kinds of custom silicone keypad

A Full Range of Testers Guarantee Your Each Silicone Keypad Order

Baiwe has an extremely strict QC system for your single silicone keypad order. We have keypad abrasion tester, keypad lifetime tester, Keypad elasticity tester, etc to check the quality. You are guaranteed to place an order to us. Baiwe will be your best choice for silicone rubber keypad manufacturer.

Professional Rubber Keypad Manufacturer For Your Custom Rubber Keypad

We can only take 5~7 days to make silicone keypad prototyping for you, and we always be here to offer 24/7 service. Just contact us right now and send us your silicone rubber buttons demands.

Silicone Keypad- Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking for a high-quality silicone rubber keypad?

Can’t decide which type of silicone elastomeric keypads is best for your business?

Therefore, we have crafted a foolproof guide that will keep your stress at bay.

By the end, you will have a better idea of which silicone rubber keypad would be best for you. Let’s begin.

  1. What’s Is Silicone Keypad?
  2. What Are The Mechanics Of Silicone Rubber Keypads?
  3. Is A Silicone Rubber Keypad The Right Choice For My Business?
  4. What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Keypads?
  5. How Long Will Silicone Last?
  6. What Are The Applications Of Silicone Keypad?
  7. What Is Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypad And How It Is Manufactured?
  8. What Is Non-Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypad How It Is Manufactured?
  9. What Are The Common Features Of Conductive And Non-Conductive Silicone Keypad?
  10. Can You Order Custom Silicon Keypads?
  11. What Features Can Be Customized In Silicon Keypads?
  12. What Is Uv & Ultra-Thin Keypads And What Are Its Benefits And Features?
  13. How To Choose The Best Silicon Keypad Manufacturer From China?
  14. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Keypads?
  15. How Much It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Keypads To My Country?

1. What is a Silicone Keypad?

A silicone keypad is a kind of keypad designed with the help of silicone-containing webbing material surrounding the center switch.

Due to its elastic properties, it can revert to its initial size and shape. It is also known as Elastomeric Keypad.

For instance, you pressed a key made up of silicone around a center switch. It deforms and touches the top of the printed circuit board (PCB) contact.

Since silicone is naturally vibrant resistant and a bad conductor of heat and electricity, which makes a keypad shock resistant.

Also, they can possess water and dust resistance properties with minor changes in the manufacturing procedure, making them useful for rugged applications.

Typically, the silicone rubber keypads are used in TV remotes, HIFI units and videos, Electronic games and toys, and controlling industrial equipment.

Silicone Keypad

2. What are the Mechanics of Silicone Rubber Keypads?

The mechanics of silicone rubber keypads is usually the same. However, with the minor customization in manufacturing, it is optimized for several applications.

Primarily, the switch button is located at the top, while its bottom is made up of conductive gold, silver, or carbon.

Underneath the button, a PCB contact is located with an air-space.

When the button is pressed, the air bubbles escape resulting in the direct interaction between the button and PCB contact.

With this action, the silicone keypad webbing deforms and registers the action to be done.

However, when the pressure is released from the silicone rubber keypad, the webbed structure returns neutral.

The operation can only be completed when the circuit is closed, which is only possible when the silicone keypad is misshaped.

The circuit is completed when the silicone rubber keytop is deformed and closely interacts with PCB contact.

3. Is a Silicone Rubber Keypad the Right Choice for my Business?

A silicone rubber keypad is the right choice for your business due to various manufacturers and other beneficial reasons. Some of them are briefly described below:

Tactile Feedback

First of all, the webbing material used in constructing the silicone rubber keypad creates tactile feedback, which means webbing deforms to complete the task while the button is pressed.

Consequently, it makes a “pops-out” effect when the button is released, thereby creating a tactile effect.

Highly- Resistant Material

The manufacturing of silicone rubber keypads is designed to be suitable for extreme and unusual climatic conditions.

Consequently, silicone rubber keypads are entirely water-resistant, making them a perfect selection while using under moist conditions.

Multiple options

Lastly, silicone keypads offer multiple backlight options that enhance the efficiency of the product.

Some of them are the light-emitting diode (LED) option, electroluminescent (EL) option, and engraving laser.

Technically, laser engraving is not a backlight option, but it incorporates the backlights for the illumination of the legends.

4.What are the Benefits of Silicone Keypads?

The benefits of silicone keypads are as follows:

Water and Dust Resistant

The silicone rubber keypads are naturally dust and waterproof. Their innovative design creates a durable layering on rubber keypads to stop the moisture and dust particles from abrupting the efficiency of the product.

However, this quality of silicone rubber pads has made them stand out in commercial as well as industrial uses.


With the comfortable and easy-to-use design, the use of silicone keypads has increased excessively. Its keys are smooth, and a user enjoys them while pressing.

Consequently, many people use silicone rubber keypads as they are more satisfying and comfortable to use than plastic or any other material’s keypads.


Apart from the physical characteristics, silicone rubber keypads are pocket-friendly. The initial investment for the materials is less expensive than other ones available in the market.

Interestingly, you can easily rely on them for larger investment programs without impacting mainly on your bank account.

HMIs Supports

Another beneficial aspect of using silicone-based keypads is they offer Human Face Interfaces with or without a backlight mechanism.

Typically, the keypads support HMI’s along with the backlight mechanism. At the same time, silicone-based keypads support this system regardless of the presence of external lighting.

Other Modified Options

Despite all the options mentioned above, you can enhance the efficiency of your silicone rubber keypad by modifying them with some enhanced options.

Purchase with Baiwesilicone to customize your product with modern options such as multi-hardness material, laser graphics, and finishing touches of your choices.

Benefits of Silicone Rubber Keypads

5. How Long will Silicone Last?

Silicone lasts for years if the product is handled carefully. It is a durable and reliable material used in many appliances for its effective performance.

The main reason behind the popularity of silicone rubber keypads is that they can bear thousands of presses without compromising efficiency.

Consequently, the silicone-based rubber keypads are bendable and easy to flex, making them strong and long-lasting for several years.

The practical and straightforward design involves direct contact between two conductors, completing the circuit to perform the action, therefore, making the silicone rubber keypads extremely reliable.

6. What are the Applications of Silicone Keypad?

The applications of silicone keypads can be observed in various areas around us. Commonly, they are used in TV remote controls and stereo systems for easier access and practical input.

However, they are also incorporated in multiple electronic devices, household appliances, and mobile phone keypads.

Industrial Applications

Due to their versatile nature, silicone rubber keypads have the following industrial applications:

1.Food Wrapping.

Other Applications

Furthermore, the silicone keypads are used in a wide variety of electrical and other devices, including:

  1. Machinery and Equipment Controls.
  2. Medical Equipment.
  3. Peripherals and Computers.
  4. Electronic Instrumentation.
  5. Smartphones.
  6. Business and Offices Equipment.
  7. Security Monitoring Devices.
  8. Communication Devices.
  9. Handheld Terminal.
  10. Consumer Electronics.
  11. Rubber Buttons for Electronics

Applications of Silicone Keypads

7. What is Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypad and How is it Manufactured?

A conductive silicone rubber keypad is a type of rubber keypad containing a semi-conductor palet that is pre-molded with the carbon particle beneath the rubber.

Typically, the conductive silicone keypad is manufactured to contain enough carbon particles to conduct electricity.

At the same time, these silicone rubber keypads must be capable of holding the carbon particles together.

During silicone keypad manufacturing process, each key is permanently attached to its respective position from the bottom of the keypad.

However, the puck or palet are placed in the same manner as to insert molding, which is utilized in terminal molding for electrical connectors.

The pressing of the semi-conductive keytop creates direct physical contact with the printed circuit board, making the closed circuit.

Furthermore, the conductive silicone rubber keypad provides the snap feedback that generates a force cone to support a keypad in an actuated position. A force cone is a thin flex necessary to develop a tactile feel.

Technically, a soft rubber silicone allows the forcing cone to flex multiple times without cracking or tearing.

8. What is Non-Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypad and How it is Manufactured?

A non-conductive silicone rubber keypad works as a mechanical lever driving against the switching mechanism.

Typically, a non-conductive silicone rubber keypad has the same visual appearance as the conductive one, while both have significant construction differences.

Usually, a non-conductive silicone keypad doesn’t contain a semi-conductor puck on the bottom to generate the tactile feeling.

Instead, the keypad is supported by a thicker webbed structure that fills the space between a base and a keytop. This causes less flex and reduced chances of cracking or tearing of the keypad.

However, the keytop can move without restrictions, and the silicone rubber is situated in a higher-end to provide a comfortable feel at the user end.

9. What Are The Common Features Of Conductive And Non-Conductive Silicone Keypad?

The common features of conductive and non-conductive silicone keypads will give you a better understanding of both types’ properties and working principles.

Despite the physical appearance of both types, their parts have separate functions. However, some of the features are still linked and cannot be considered individually.

Switch Cavity

A switch cavity is the meeting point of the two switching contacts, which is surrounded by air. In conductive silicone keypads, the switch cavity cannot be sealed, and the air is free to move while the button is pressed.

On the contrary, the non-conductive silicone rubber keypad design supports the sealing of the switch cavity, reducing potential contamination in the object.

Location of the Pill

In a conductive silicone rubber keypad, the pills or puck are located at the rear side of the keypad, silicone rubber, and carbon mixture.

However, in non-conductive silicone rubber keypads, the molded silicone rubber acts as a lever against the switch and doesn’t impact the closed circuit.

Operating Force

The stressed force provides tactile feeling in a conductive silicone keypad, and limitations are implemented for high operating forces.

On the other hand, non-conductive silicone rubber keypads function passively with operating force while adding a slight difference to the operating force of the switch.

Conductive and Non-Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypad Common Feature

10. Can You Order Custom Silicone Keypads?

Yes, you can order custom silicone keypads from renowned and trusted manufacturers—those who are a reliable interface for customer products.

If you require customized silicone rubber keypads for your business, then consider buying from Baiwe Silicone, known for their efficient and cost-friendly products for over 15 years of experience.

With the manufacturing of customized silicone rubber keypads to all kinds of mechanical keypads, our company has led the industry all over China.

The implementation of modern and advanced technology offers many unbelievable advantages over many other ordinary silicone keypads.

Consequently, the primary advantage of our rubber keypads is that they are cost-friendly and able to employ multiple technologies to eliminate the requirements of bulky and heavy mechanical fasteners.

11. What Features Can Be Customized in Silicone Keypads?

Customization in silicone keypads can be made to manufacture the product according to the client’s requirements. Almost every aspect of the silicone keypad can be optimized to enhance its efficiency.

Baiwe Silicone supplies customized and efficient silicone keypads globally. They manufacture customized silicone keypads either by compression or injection molding processes.

With the modification in design and technique, these silicone-based rubber keytops can be made in various shapes and sizes.

Also, these rubber keypads can be molded into multiple designs by reducing the assembly time and cost of the product.

Other customization options include:

  • Optimization in the design of flex and actuators to enhance their performances.
  • The material used for the manufacturing of copper flex (whether to be made PCB or silver-based).
  • Types of switches (conductive carbon or metal domes).
  • Backlighting options.
  • Different kinds of coatings such as Parylene coating, UV coating, or PU coating.
  • Sealent to be used in keypads.
  • Debossed or embossed molding.
  • Material of the keycaps (plastic, rubber, or stainless steel).
  • Switch panels (whether toggle switch or rocker switch).
  • Connector to be used.

12. What is UV And Ultra-Thin Keypads And What are its Benefits and Features?

UV and ultra-thin keypads are the advanced versions of silicone rubber keypads. They minimize the thickness and give a smooth cosmetic appearance to the product.

UV Coated Keypads

The UV coated silicone keypad is an advanced and versatile technique. It reduces the need for assembly related to rubber keytops, plastic keypads, and mold decorations.

However, it offers multiple finishing touches to the surfaces, different contouring qualities, and key heights to the product.

✔ Features

The UV-coated keypad consists of UV resin layering on the topmost surface of the foil substrate. Then, the decoration and other essentials are added to the second top layer of the foil surface.

For the differentiation in the design of the substrate surface, other details are added, such as brush line, spin line, sandblasting, etc., to enhance texture.

✔ Benefits

  1. UV coated keypads are manufactured with customizable graphics and play an important role in differentiating customer’s final products.
  2. It is available at affordable rates with greater flexibility, and the presence of a single sheet disables the projection of moisture and dust particles.
  3. Greater light distribution capability when used in combination with guide foils.
  4. With high corrosion resistance property, it has improved the quality and reduced the total cost of the product.

Ultra-Thin Coated Keypads

Ultra-thin coated keypads provide solutions to reduce the thickness and give a modern finishing touch to the product.

Consequently, it includes various textures, extra embossed features, multiple colors, and creative finishing touches, resulting in cost-friendly products.

✔ Features

The ultra-thin keypads feature multiple textures and colors with graphical effects and metallic variations.

Furthermore, it is considered an excellent alternative to metallic keypads without any technical drawbacks.

✔ Benefits

  1. Ultra-thin keypads provide an excellent artistic touch to multiple finishes, colors, and textures in 3D effects.
  2. It has embossed blind artwork and dot art.
  3. Lifetime protection against corrosion.
  4. Ultra-slim design for better efficiency and look.
  5. It is durable for long time usage.

thin Keypads

13. How To Choose The Best Silicone Keypad Manufacturer From China?

To choose the best silicone keypad manufacturer from China, it is necessary to analyze the quality and services of the manufacturers.

China is famous for supplying premium quality silicone keypads worldwide due to their efficient quality and wallet-friendly products.

With close to 15 years of experience, Baiwe Silicone is the best silicone keypad supplier in China for supplying certified rubber products.

We manufacture the premium quality silicone rubber products such as baby care products, kitchenware items, pet items, silicone sleeves and cases, silicone keypads, and silicone medical parts.

14. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Good Quality Silicon Keypads?

Chinese manufacturers produce good-quality silicone keypads around the globe. They are capable of delivering fine products at the right time and fair prices.

One of the efficient producers of silicone keypads in China is Baiwe Silicone. Our experts and skilled engineers have over seven years of experience to provide you with high precision and quality products.

Our representatives are available 24/7 at your services. We ensure to maintain strict quality controls to serve you with the best.

Good Quality Chinese Silicone Keypad

15. How Much Does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Silicon Keypads To My Country?

The time required to deliver a batch of silicone keypads depends on the quantity of your order and the distance of your country from China.

However, the delivery time is directly proportional to the time required to manufacture your batch of silicone rubber keypads.

The critical factors involved in the timely delivery include the weight of your batch, the country where the order is sent, and the price of the pack.

Usually, the bulk orders of silicone rubber keypads are transported with the combined air and sea route from China.

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