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Your Reliable Rubber Mould Manufacturer in China

A wide range of Baiwe rubber moulds for designer tiles, paving blocks, wall tiles, interlock, concrete blocks, etc.

Rubber Mould Factory

Baiwe is a leading rubber mold manufacturer in China. We can manufacture all kinds of rubber products, no matter ODM or OEM. All of our rubber molds are strictly process with our quality control system. We adopt a complete line of test equipment in our factory. In every rubber mold production, our professional quality inspector will thoroughly check the best raw materials.

Baiwe rubber mold manufacturers were implementing random tests during production and complete inspection before delivery. We also provide videos and photos to record the rubber mold production process. If you’re looking for the best rubber molds, Baiwe is always the best choice!

Rubber Mold for Concrete Cement

We have a full range of Rubber Mold for Concrete Cement that gives you a satisfying production process and quality. You can rely on us with great pricing.

Mold Rubber Auto Rubber Parts

We manufacture Mold Rubber Auto Rubber Parts using high-quality materials such as 20-80A, transparent, Silicone, black or colorful materials.

High Precision Compression Rubber Mould

We can make this product according to your specific sizes. It is available in surface treatments like polish high-gross, semi-matt, or textured.

Silicone Rubber Mold

Silicon rubber mold is available in many colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. We can customize this product according to our customer’s requirements.

Overmould Double Color Injection Molding

We can manufacture this product with many features. For instance, they are anti-seismic slip, soft-touch, heat resistance, wear resistance, and good weather ability.

Custom Silicone and Rubber Parts

We can manufacture Custom Silicone and Rubber Parts through a hot and cold runner system. Also, this product is highly customizable as per request.

Rubber Injection Moulding

They are accessible on many different surfaces such as smooth, Polishing, Texture, frosted, Printing, Painting, and Plating.  They are also highly applicable in industrial products.

Vacuum Casting Molding Parts

The parts are anodized in many colors, such as clear, red, black, and gold. It can create a wear- and corrosion-resistant, strong layer that is more durable.

Custom Rubber Product Mold

They are available in a wide variety of colors to produce the desired aesthetic product. You can also customize your product and we’ll put a logo on it for your branding.

Silicone Rubber Soap Mold

It can produce different soap shapes like Oval, Square, Heart, and Round. It has four shapes in one mold. You can get this product at affordable prices.

Plastic Silicon Mould

We have years of experience in customizing Plastic Silicon Mould based on our customer’s requirements. Please send us your product requirements now so we can get started.

Silicone Rubber Product Mold

All our Silicone Rubber Product Mold is compliant with RoHS and SGS standards. They are Nonmarking and Nonflash features, suitable for different applications.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Rubber Mould Project

Finding a professional rubber mold supplier and manufacturer to support your rubber project is challenging! Fortunately, Baiwe is a skilled team manufacturing rubber mold with advanced manufacturing machines. For many years, Baiwe is committed to enhancing our supply chain management, allowing us to serve our customers more efficiently.

Baiwe is an eminent rubber mold manufacturer and supplier offering a complete range of products such as rubber mold. Not just rubber mold but also PVC mold, silicone mold, etc. Please send us your specific details for your product requirements, and we’ll offer you our best solutions.

Baiwe Rubber Mold Manufacturer

If you’re looking for the best rubber mold manufacturer, Baiwe is the best solution. Baiwe is over 15 years in providing top-quality rubber molds. We have all the knowledge, capabilities, and expertise in supplying your rubber mold needs.

Being a reliable rubber molds manufacturer is not that easy as you might think. Nevertheless, we are doing our best to beat our factory’s importance just for you. Baiwe, a leading rubber molds manufacturer, is making our brand to be the best company, addressing all types of rubber molds to be used.

We manufacture rubber molds for industrial purposes as well as some other areas. Baiwe owns vacuum molding presses, an in-house toolroom, grit blasting equipment, vapor degreasing, and rubber injection molding as an expert rubber molding manufacturer.

In addition to rubber molding expertise, Baiwe produces rubber moldings in customizable. It includes rubber to metal bonding, conformal coating masking boots, diaphragms, and rubber valve seats. Also, we make special rubber seats, custom rubber gaskets, rubber insulators, and bellows.

For the past 15 years, Baiwe is now achieving expertise in manufacturing all types of rubber molds. Most engineering industries are relying upon us regarding rubber molds for many purposes. Baiwe has a team of experts to manufacture high-quality rubber molds, including engineers, quality inspectors, technical designers, and another related workforce.

Our team is manufacturing rubber molds that meet and exceed international quality standards. Baiwe has vast experienced and knowledge in this field. Being one of the best rubber mold manufacturers, we carefully monitor each production process from material sourcing, rubber mold production to the final shipping of the products.

Every rubber mold we offer is of the highest quality and durability. Our team ensures manufacturing the product based on functionality, dimensions, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, performance, and construction.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or an established company that needs reliable rubber mold to support your business, Baiwe is your go-to source! Our knowledgeable workforce can meet all your needs.

For more information about Baiwe rubber molds, you can send us your message directly!

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