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Baiwe one-stop solutions offer for your growing business. Provide 3D and video rubber label samples for easier purchase next projects.

Advanced Equipment Rubber Label Factory

Rubber labels are available in complete choices from designs, shapes, custom text, applications, and more. We will get what you desire by sending your rubber label drawings. We can custom your orders sp we can meet your personal and handles business demands.

We can connect long-term and make your process easier and fast. Send your silicone product inquires for more information.

3D Embossed Rubber Label

We manufacture 3D embossed rubber labels applicable for jackets, shoes, bags, and even automotive and steel labeling applications.

Clothing Rubber Label

We have plenty of selections of rubber labels for clothing from shapes, features, specifications, and more suitable for your types of clothing uses.

Custom 3D Logo Rubber Label

We offer customizations of 3D logo rubber labels for different applications. You can request desired colors, thickness, clear text, and more.

Custom Printing Rubber Label

We can custom your rubber label to your ideal text and printing, colors, and shapes. It has a perfect appearance applicable to different branding applications.

Custom Size Logo Rubber Label

We will custom your logo according to your business demands. We ensure clearer text in small fonts, suitable prints, and colors that guarantee low prices.

Garment Rubber Label

You can send your ideal rubber labels for your mixed garment applications. We will follow all your desired specifications, features, etc.

Heat Transfer Silicone Rubber Label

We manufacture and design easier set up of our rubber label to all types of applications like garments and steel applications, the heat transfer rubber label.

Jeans Rubber Label

We can make the best rubber label for your jeans applications. It has suitable sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. We can fulfill your business requirements.

Promotional Rubber Label

We ensure amazing customizations of your promotional rubber label. Choose suitable sizes, colors, and shapes that will catch your attention.

Rectangular Rubber Label

Please choose the best sizes of our rectangular rubber labels perfect for the front or back part of applications. You can get affordable rates but quality stocks.

Round Rubber Label

We produce different customizations of our round rubber labels. Applicable for key accessories, bags, zipper labels, and more at a very affordable cost.

Self Adhesive Rubber Label

Self-adhesive rubber labels for metal and stainless steel applications. We provide easy to apply rubber labels with complete information.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Rubber Label Project


If you are looking for a durable but affordable rubber label, Baiwe will produce your entire request. We will support your own brand and custom your desired rubber label shapes, applications, colors, and more.

We manufacture rubber labels base on your specifications and features. Our rubber labels are FDA and LFGB approved to guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness for all types of applications. You can send your project details now so we can offer effective suggestions for you.

Baiwe Rubber Label

Whether you need a rubber label for any application, Baiwe can fully support and custom your designs.

Baiwe can personalize your rubber label for your own brand. Rubber labels have a lot of applications that you should know to run a business. We guarantee the best quality applicable for garment labels and branding different types of products. It has different types of applications and on how to apply them. We provide complete instructions for you.

Baiwe rubber label is a durable and long-life label that can last long service. It is manufactured with plenty of rubbers, shapes, thickness, sizes, text, custom colors, and more. Send your logo, and we will make the best customizations for you.

Not just for branding something but also to enhance the look of jeans, shorts, polo shirts, bags, converse shoes or footwear, that provides durability and longevity, and life to your application. Baiwe has also supported automobile applications and packaging industries.

Baiwe rubber label is widely used in jeans, jackets, even car accessories, and more. It provides excellent brand identification that you can request customizations. We have 3D effects of rubber label that features vivid colors.

These flexible materials can produce attractive key chains. We will make your desired shapes, sizes, and colors. In more than 15 years of service, Baiwe becomes one of the popular suppliers and manufacturers in China that ensure full support and effective solutions.

Our excellent production with complete equipment and other processing machines like molding machines and more clear text express small fonts. Your customers will surely attract your products because of rubber labels.

You can always rely on Baiwe, especially for your desired rubber label customizations. We have plenty of employees that familiar with all production operations.

For your urgent needs, Baiwe will ensure to focus on your request. Send your inquiries now!

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