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Baiwe offers top-quality rubber extrusion for producing perfect profiles for your different applications. We manufacture rubber extrusion with CE, UL, and ASTM certifications.

Rubber Extrusion Factory

Baiwe is a full-service rubber manufacturer, rubber extruder, molder, and fabricator of silicone. We have been providing rubber extrusion to a wide variety of industries. We adopt our in-house tooling capabilities to manufacture rubber extrusions that exceed industry specifications. Through our in-house formulation experience, Baiwe can supply you with custom and standard rubber extrusion on time. Message us now!

Extrusion Rubber Sealing Strip

We can customize your Extrusion Rubber Sealing Strip according to your specific size, design, color, material, and shape. They are suitable for windows and doors.

EPDM Extrusion Solar Panel

They are applicable in solar photovoltaic cover panel gaps. We can customize the color, design, size, and shape according to your own idea or drawings.

Rubber Extrusion Aluminium Window Seal

They have many features that give advantages to your application. The extrusion has good self-lubrication, very high-impact resistance, good electrical insulation, and more.

Window Gasket Rubber Extrusions

Any structures and shapes for this extrusion are available. We offer customized products according to your specific requirements. Message us now!

Foam Rubber Silicone Extrusions

We manufacture our Foam Rubber Silicone Extrusions through different processing methods like Compression, injection, extrusion, silicone liquid injection, etc.

Rubber Extrusion Parts

They are widely applicable in auto parts, home appliance equipment, electrical equipment, industrial equipment, and mechanical equipment.

Rubber Extrusion Edge Trim

We can produce rubber extrusion edge trim in any size and shape using the different hardness of silicone rubber color and material you need.

Bumper Buffer Extrusion

They are available in color black, white, red, green, transparent, and customize as per request. We also provide OEM and ODM services to support your brand.

Rounded Top Recessed Bumpers

We manufacture Rounded Top Recessed Bumpers with flame retarded, aging stable, high elasticity, corrosion-resistant, and antistatic. We also offer customized products.

Buffer Extrusion Profile Seal Strip

They are extremely resilient, excellent resistant to heat, ozone, weathering, and a wide range of chemicals. The product is also chemically inert and non-toxic.

Water Proof Rubber Extrusion

Baiwe manufactures Water Proof Rubber Extrusion using high-quality materials and different features to fit your applications. You can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Rubber Extrusion for Auto Interior Trim

The common usage for this extrusion is for side windows, door frame, engine cover, suitcase cover, front and rear windshield. It has many features that give advantages to your applications.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Rubber Extrusion Project

Baiwe is a leading rubber extrusion manufacturer in China, utilizing high-performance materials for industrial silicone rubber products applications. We’re here to help you with your rubber extrusion in any size, shape, and color. Baiwe ensures to deliver you quality products that will fit your future applications.

Being your reliable rubber extrusion manufacturer in China, we can offer you a complete extrusion design solution from simple to complex shapes. Our team realizes different manufacturing processes to create quality products, including drilling, cutting, notching, punching, and slotting. Please send us your rubber extrusion requirements now!

Baiwe- Your Professional Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

Baiwe offers competitive pricing and exceptional quality on all rubber extrusion products. We are the most trusted rubber extrusion manufacturer in China, specialize in extruding tubing & cord, custom profiles, washers, gaskets & seals, and formed hose.

Our range of rubber extrusions resists flame, toxicity, and smoke. Over the past 15 years, Baiwe has to earn an excellent reputation for manufacturing and designing reliable, high-quality rubber extrusion that meets the perfect application requirements.

You can trust Baiwe for your rubber extrusion needs. Our rubber extrusion has become the most popular product in various industries, including marine, construction, aerospace, transportation, food processing, electronic, power generation, and healthcare industries.

The common usage of rubber extrusion from Baiwe is in applications such as noise control, sealing, decorative trim, and vibration. Baiwe ensures to manufacture long-lasting rubber extrusion to produce durable products. We have a wide range of rubber extrusion in our factory, accessible in many different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors.

As the best manufacturer, Baiwe can create fully customized rubber extrusion to your exact specifications. At Baiwe, we can continuously extrude your parts and components in the material you need – rubber, silicone, neoprene, SBR, natural rubber, nitrile, and butyl.

If none of these elements meet your needs, Baiwe can produce fully custom rubber compounds. Baiwe regularly supplies our customers with high-quality rubber extrusion in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Our team of dedicated rubber experts can provide you a cost-competitive solution to meet your exact needs within a short lead of time, from material sourcing, design to production.

Whether you need to import rubber extrusion for your business or the industry, Baiwe can help you grow your business. We are a leading rubber extrusion manufacturer and supplier in China, offering a cost-effective solution. If you have any questions about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

Our professional sales team is available 24/7 to answer your call.

Rubber Extrusion– Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you into a business that require rubber extrusion service?

If this is the case, then we have got an ultimate FAQ guide with all the information about rubber extrusion including manufacturing and supply.

Let’s get started!

  1. What Is Rubber Extrusion?
  2. How does Rubber Extrusion Process work?
  3. What Are Rubber Extrusions Used For?
  4. What Are The Benefits Of Rubber Extrusion?
  5. What Are The Types Of Extruded Rubber Profiles?
  6. What Are The Different Materials That Can Be Used For Rubber Extrusions?
  7. What Are The Applications Of Custom Rubber Extrusions?
  8. What Factors To Consider Before Buying Rubber Extruded Products?
  9. What Is Extrusion Die For Extruded Rubber?
  10. How Long Will Rubber Extruded Products Last?
  11. What To Consider Before Choosing A Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer From China?
  12. How Much Does Rubber Extrusion Cost?
  13. Can I Get Customized Rubber Extrusion Service?
  14. What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers Have?

1. What Is Rubber Extrusion?

Rubber extrusion is a method of producing parts.

Rubber-Extrusion parts

To give synthetic or natural rubber materials their section profile, a high-pressure extrusion machine drives them through a specified die.

This allows them to form or cut throughout this process into a shape. This method is mostly utilized in the production of rubber goods.

A high-pressure extrusion machine is used to drive synthetic or natural rubber material through a forming die.

The most common material is soft, unvulcanized rubber.

The workpiece is first shaped in a soft, flexible state before being vulcanized to harden it into a useful end product.

Extruded rubber goods are light, flexible, long-lasting, and exceptionally durable.

These parts are also appropriate for a tough or extreme condition, such as in high-temperature environments or applications with a lot of chemicals.

The continuous rubber extrusion technique can create parts in a wide range of lengths and forms at a reasonable cost and with minimal waste.

2. How Rubber Extrusion Process Works?

The process of rubber extrusion starts with a standard rubber extruder.

The manufacturers start with a design phase where they have to make the choices for die and material for manufacturing.

Then the process follows as under.

  • For hot extrusion, it starts by pre-heating the stock until it is molten.
  • If this stage is skipped, it means the process of “cold extrusion” or “cold feed extrusion” is going on depending on the application.
  • Then, the hopper is filled that is hung above the conveyor with unvulcanized rubber.
  • The rubber stock is then gravity-fed back through the hopper’s bottom and onto the conveyor.
  • The rubber is moved towards the die by a conveyor and a rotating screw.
  • The screw generates pressure and heat, which aids in the movement of the rubber.
  • The rubber swells and takes on its shape when it goes through the die’s aperture once it has reached the end of the conveyor and has softened sufficiently.
  • After passing through the die, the rubber emerges from the other side of the extruder with a formed profile that fits the die.
  • After processing the rubber, the next step can be vulcanization, coiling, dusting, cutting, splicing, drilling, and taping end joining.

3. What Are Rubber Extrusions Used For?

Rubber extrusions are the products that are frequently used in sealing applications such as doors and windows, weather stripping, and draught excluders.

Rubber-Extrusion tube

They are also used for D-fenders on ships. Extrusions can be anything from simple geometric shapes to intricate dual-material seal designs.

Rubber extruders produce a variety of shapes and items that are useful in everyday life.

They are used in extruded rubber seals, bumpers, rubber grommets, rubber floor matting, connectors, and more.

Rubber extrusions are regarded as sealants and gaskets in general because of their great flexibility, impermeability, and robustness.

Even the eraser that is placed on the end of a pencil is made of them.

Rubber extrusions are utilized in automobiles, bicycles, space shuttles, and submarines, among other places.

4. What Are The Benefits Of Rubber Extrusion?

Rubber extrusion process is helpful and beneficial for providing high quality goods in a variety of shapes and lengths.

Rubber extrusions have a number of advantages. Manufacturers can make unique goods by using high-quality rubber and blending compounds.

Extruded rubber goods are light, flexible, long-lasting, and exceptionally durable.

Chemicals, heat, cold, age, fatigue, friction, abrasion, and wear and tear do not affect them.

They’re perfect for a variety of severe or demanding environments.

These items meet a variety of requirements, including resistance to potentially hazardous operating conditions such as:

  • Abrasion
  • Cold
  • Wear and tear
  • Color fade
  • Friction
  • Aging
  • Heat
  • Fatigue

5. What Are The Types Of Extruded Rubber Profiles?

Extruded rubber profiles can have various shapes starting from a simple design to a U shape.

In some cases, they are multidimensional, multifaceted geometries with exquisite detailing.

The profile means the shape of the rubber that is finalized for an extruded rubber product.

It is also used for a cross-section of the die that is used in the process of rubber extrusion.

Profiles made of extruded rubber include:

Round cord

A round cord is made using Neoprene, EPDM, or Nitrile material mostly. This allows providing a good round shape profile to the product.


Some extruded rubbers are formed into a square shape based on their type of use that gives them a square profile formation.

D-, P-, e-, J-, L-, and T-

The L and T-shaped rubber extruded profiles are very common among them all.

These are used information of a connection or providing a link between two connections.

The D and P-shaped rubber extruded profiles are the types of rubbers that are used for high-end purposes.

U Channels

U Channel Shaped profile of rubber gives it a roundabout look and its specific use in the field.

Half-round profiles

The half-round extruded rubber profiles play a major role in a center formation of a connection.


The rectangular extruded rubber-shaped profile gives a complete connection of the material of the purpose.

6. What Are The Different Materials That Can Be Used For Rubber Extrusions?

There are some important materials that are used in rubber extrusions, and each of them is discussed below.

Rubber-Extrusion material

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber, also known as gum, is popular for its excellent acid and abrasion resistance.

This material is highly used in rubber extrusion.

Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is also another material used in rubber extrusion because it is an FDA-approved non-reactive elastomer.

It is chemically inert and no longer reacts with organic liquids.

In addition, it retains its shape and housing while exposed to excessive coffee and temperature.

Silicone is known for its advanced properties in food and healthcare conveyor belts.


Another material used in rubber extrusion is Viton. The heat, chemical, and weathering resistance of this rubber composition are exceptional.


Because nitrile, a synthetic rubber copolymer, is oil-resistant, it is utilized to create rubber items that will come into contact with oil, such as hoses, O-rings, and hydraulic seals.


Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is resistant to heat, ozone, oxidation, aging, and UV light, among other things.

Sponge rubber, door gaskets, window gaskets, foam rubber, weather-stripping, and roofing are just a few of its uses.


Neoprene is a great material that is resistant to fire, UV radiation, heat, water, and grease.

It has high tensile strength as well, which makes it a useful material for rubber extrusion.


Butyl is also useful material because it has properties that allow a limited permeability to airflow.


SBR is a highly abrasion-resistant material which makes it an excellent material to be used in the manufacturing process.

As a result, it’s used in a wide range of automotive applications, including motor mount and belt cover construction.

7. What Are The Applications Of Custom Rubber Extrusions?

Rubber extrusion is most manufacturers’ preferred rubber processing technology because it allows for great levels of customization.

It helps to produce products with superior consistency and robustness. The applications of custom rubber extrusion are.

  • Electronics, automotive manufacturing
  • Floor safety
  • Conducting fluids
  • Waterproofing
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Tubing
  • Appliances
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Absorbing energy
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Marine
  • Flooring
  • Moisture management
  • Climate control
  • Connectors
  • Vibration reducers
  • Insulation
  • Parts connection
  • Mandrel formed hoses
  • Sealing fluids

8. What Factors To Consider Before Buying Rubber Extruded Products?

When you want to buy rubber extruded products, you need to be aware of the following important factors.

different shape Rubber-Extrusion parts

Selecting the Right Material

It’s important that the rubber extruded product that you want to buy must meet the quality standards for the open market.

This is the reason that you need to select the right material products for your business.

The rubber extrusions that are made from neoprene, Viton, natural rubber, or silicone are the best options to consider.

Design Of The Product

It is always a smart thought to select a rubber extrusion product with a small radius.

This is because a sharp corner or 90 degrees may give a sleek look to an extrusion, but it is impractical, and it mostly causes to leak.

It’s an important factor to consider because rubber extrusions mostly have to deal with sealing surfaces.

Ask Recommendation From Supplier

As your supplier is manufacturing all the products, it’s a good thought to ask their suggestion for your rubber extrusion product choice.

Their experience level and expertise in the field will allow them to give you the best option suggestion for your ease.

Cutting Technique

The cutting technique is one of the crucial factors to consider in rubber extrusions.

There are various ways to cut the rubber materials, which is why you should carefully choose the best procedure for the cutting of your products.

Testing Prototypes

Before availing of the whole service or buying the products in bulk, testing prototypes is always a safe hand.

A rubber prototype 3D print would make things easier for you to understand before you make a final selection for production.

Considering Hollow Sections

A product having a hollow part could be a cost-effective solution for rubber extrusions.

This retains the same compression value while using less material, resulting in a cheaper ultimate cost.

Most manufacturers make fenders and gaskets with hollow parts, which is a wonderful option for a variety of applications.

9. What Is Extrusion Die For Extruded Rubber?

An extrusion die is something that is made by cutting a hole in a blank of steel to use as a tool that has the major role for precision.

These dies are thick, circular steel discs with one or more apertures that allow the desired profile to be created.

They’re often made of H-13 die steel that’s been heat-treated to withstand the pressure and heat of hot aluminum being driven through the die.

The opening will be shaped to fit the desired finished rubber cross-section for an extruded item.

Once in place of its requirement, the rubber material will be driven through the die by the pressure generated by the extruder’s revolving screw.

Many rubber compounds inflate or swell as they pass through the extrusion die, causing them to expand and grow in size.

While aluminum appears to be a soft metal, pushing a solid log of aluminum through a thin, multi-holed die to obtain the correct form requires a huge amount of pressure.

In fact, pushing a billet through an 8″ inch press requires 100,000-125,000 psi of power.

This is a lot of pressure that handles the extrusion press process.

10. How Long Will Rubber Extruded Products Last?

A rubber extruded product has 5-10 years of life. This time span can vary depending on the type of material used in the production process.

For Silicone, Viton, and Fluorel, the rubber extruded products are expected to last around 20 years.

For Neoprene, Butyl, Nitrile, EPDM, and NBR, the lifespan of rubber extruded products are expected to last for 5 to 10 years.

For SBR and natural rubber, the life span is around 3 to 5 years.

11. What To Consider Before Choosing A Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer From China?

There are lots of rubber extrusion manufacturers from China, and each of them has its own production procedures.

You must collaborate with a high-quality manufacturer to obtain a high-quality product.

Testing the quality of each of the manufacturers is one crucial step.

Great companies prove their worth by delivering the best quality products numerous times to the customers.

To choose from among them, you need to look at their business profiles and intend to talk to their employees.

You can share your requirements, specifications and demands with the employees to learn more about their services.

Remember to ask about the order volume/quantity, price, and delivery date.

Each conversation should be compared and contrasted.

Determine which supplier provides the best deal as well as the finest customer service.

It’s preferable to avoid a company that doesn’t provide exceptional customer service, as miscommunications can lead to a loss.

Reach out again and get started once you’ve determined which source is right for you.

As far as our experience is concerned, Baiwesilicone is a manufacturer from China that offers the best quality rubber extrusions products.

This manufacturer specializes in years of experience in the field and delivers amazing quality for the cost.

12. How Much Does Rubber Extrusion Cost?

The cost of rubber extrusion varies depending upon the material used in the product that can range from $3 to $500.

There are various factors that may affect the cost, and each material type with the specific use of produced output determines its cost.

You can get cheap rubber extrusion products from Chinese manufacturers if you want to save cash and buy quality products.

13. Can I Get Customized Rubber Extrusion Service?

You can get customized rubber extrusion services easily if you are able to find the right manufacturer for your services.

different size Rubber Extrusion hose

Baiwesilicone is one of the leading manufacturers from China who can provide customized rubber extrusion services.

The services offered here are remarkable, and they prefer their clients to be satisfied and happy with their products.

14. What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers Have?

It is a must that a Chinese rubber extrusion manufacturer must have the following certifications.

  • EN71
  • Reach-197
  • Rosh
  • FDA

These certifications show how much a manufacturer is specialized in the field and how well it is performing in the business.

To get your order from such a manufacturer, you can contact Baiwesilicone that is qualified in all these certifications for its quality and services.

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