Plastic Parts Manufacturers-7 Steps Buying Guide

Looking for plastic parts manufacturers is not easy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. There are thousands of injection molded plastic manufacturers out there, and because of the complexity of plastic injection parts, it is essential to do a lot of research before you make a decision.

Plastic parts manufacturing needs to involve two main aspects. First, plastic molds are required, and then plastic injection molding is required to produce mass products. You can find separate suppliers or one-stop solutions for custom plastic product manufacturers; It saves a lot of time.

This article will guide you on how to find custom plastic parts manufacturers in China. There are easy 7 steps. Let’s get started!

Step 1. Prepare your product Specs

It would help to prepare your plastic parts specifics before you look for potential plastic parts manufacturers.

1.1. Custom molded plastic parts design

You should have a 3D or 2D design, or the physical samples are workable.

1.2.Plastic molding parts requirements

size, material, quantity, assembly, packaging, etc. With more detailed information, you will get an accurate quote faster.

Step 2. Sourcing the Plastic Parts Manufacturers

There are mainly 3 ways to source plastic product manufacturers in China.

2.1.Search in Google

There are a lot of professional injection molded plastic manufacturers in Google; you may get lucky there.

2.2.Made in China

Made in China platform is a top eCommerce platform in China. You can find a lot of top-notch plastic molded parts factories on this platform.


Alibaba is also a very famous comprehensive platform; you are so sure to get OEM plastic molded parts suppliers there.

Step 3. Contacting Chinese Suppliers for Quotes

You can choose 5~8 plastic molded parts companies to quote first; if you don’t want to spend too much time, you can check this article. We have listed 10 plastic moulds manufacturers in China for you to choose from.

Generally, there are a few points you should pay attention to,

3.3.Reply speed

The faster the response time, the quicker the feedback you usually get, which helps to advance the progress of your project.


Do they provide a complete quotation, and do they have constructive comments? Such as a DFM report for your custom-made plastic parts.

3.3.Evaluate plastic molded parts quotes

Usually, the price is too high or too low is unacceptable. Too high means that you may pay more than the value of the product, and too low means that the quality issues.

Step 4. Creating a list of Potential suppliers

After you check all plastic molded parts price lists, choose 3 china plastic molded parts suppliers in your list and wait for further verification.

vairous custom made plastic injection molded parts

Step 5. Verify your Chinese Supplier

Usually, You may need to visit the china plastic molded parts manufacturers, but because of the epidemic, you can make a video call to verify the factories.

5.1. You should know the basic information of the factory, the scale of the factory, the number of employees, the machinery and equipment; you can verify it through video calls.

5.2. You can ask them what customers they have cooperated with. It can prove the comprehensive supply capacity of the factory.

5.3. Quality management system: injection plastic molded parts are often very complex. There are many potential problems, and each stage has different issues. There are many tips and tricks for designing plastic molded parts. You can ask them if they provide DFM analysis reports. It is a perfect process to let you know the riskiness of injection molding; knowing the riskiness of injection molding ahead of time will help to reduce the waste cost of custom plastic molded parts. Theremore, by asking them some professional questions about making plastic molded parts, such as controlling the shrinkage rate, defects, etc.

5.4. After-sale service: It is very important to ensure you will get technical or quality support services.

Step 6. Start with a Prototype

When you have selected the best plastic parts manufacturers, you can start with making a prototype. If there is a problem, you can also know the supplier’s ability to solve the problem.

Starting with a prototype will also save money. Prototype cost usually is around 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of injection mold.

Step 7. Monitoring Of The Production Process

This is the final step. If you’re happy with the initial samples, the production process can move on.

7.1.Quality Control

Usually, it is the first time producing plastic parts, and it is normal for the quality of bulk goods to be different from the quality of samples. This requires you to constantly supervise the production of suppliers and ask them to provide photos and videos to prevent quality deviations

7.2.Delivery time

Promised delivery times are often not met. Machines break down, and material application or production is unexpectedly problematic. This is what happens often. You should arrange to buy plastic molded parts earlier.


Overall, It’s a tough task to source the best plastic molded parts service. If you have read this complete guide about finding the right plastic parts manufacturers, you should have a clear idea of the path you need to take forward. However, if you need the help of OEM plastic molded parts, At Baiwe, we would be excited to guide you through the entire process. We would handle the plastic molded parts in automotive, plastic molded parts in sports, and consumer industry. We are also capable of silicone rubber injection molding and silicone overmolding. Contact us now for more information !



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