How to Figure Out Plastic Injection Molding Cost

You may wonder how to figure out plastic injection molding cost. First, you should contact a mold-making company and ask for a quote. Different companies may quote you different costs, and your actual mold costs may be higher than the initial price. Here are some ways to estimate plastic injection molding cost. You should keep in mind that this cost can vary based on the materials used and the quantity of parts. After receiving a quote from several mold makers, you can evaluate the plastic injection molding price they quote you.

Injection molds vary in size, complexity, and price. The more complex your mold is, the higher the cost. A simple single cavity mold will not cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And don’t think that you need a multi-cavity machine to get started. Injection molding costs depend on a variety of factors, so it’s important to determine your production requirements before you begin shopping. If your budget is limited, a single-cavity mold might be all you need.

plastic injection molding machine is making plastic parts

Injection molding is effective for simple parts. More complex parts, on the other hand, require more expertise and time. You can reduce the overall cost by simplifying your design and reducing the amount of material needed to create the mold. You can also reduce the cost by eliminating or simplifying features that will not affect its functionality or appeal. Keeping features that add cost will also lower your profit margin. For this reason, it’s important to keep your design simple and functional.

Tooling is the most expensive component of the injection molding process. The cost of plastic injection molding can range from 15-50% of the total injection molding cost, depending on the product design and material being used.

With high precision and high accuracy, the cost of injection molding will be higher, if the design is very simple, it will be low-cost plastic injection molding . For more information on how to reduce the cost of injection molding, please contact us today!


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