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Your Leading Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer in China

In China, Baiwe offers a comprehensive solution to your custom rubber parts requirements. Since starting on this journey, giving you extraordinary services and quality products is always been our goal.

Professional Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Baiwe offers the finest quality custom rubber parts selections. Each solution provides high precision, low waste, and flash-less properties. Plus! You can rest assured that the quality of our custom rubber parts is on the highest level.

We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years. It enables us to earn a good reputation from customers all over the world. For your inquiries, contact us immediately!

Car Custom Rubber Parts

Baiwe manufactures car custom rubber parts with different shapes and sizes for different car units. We make sure to use quality raw material for the production.

Custom Rubber Auto Spare Parts

We are your great source of high-quality custom rubber auto spare parts. Available at more competitive prices, relevant particularly to automotive industry.

Custom Rubber Grommets Parts

We manufacture custom rubber grommets parts with low-high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high tensile strength.

Custom Rubber Seals Parts

Our custom rubber seals parts provide wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-seismic slip, and weather resistance. All accessible for a reasonable cost.

Durable Custom Rubber Parts

We make sure to provide durable custom rubber parts to worldwide customers. All our products are affordable without sacrificing quality.

High Quality Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Baiwe is an expert in providing high-quality custom molded rubber parts. It features abrasion resistance, tear-resistance, high elongation, and weather resistance.

High Standard Custom Rubber Parts

We offer a high standard custom rubber parts for automotive, electronics, and other applications. Available in different shapes and sizes.

Industrial Custom Rubber Grommets Parts

Baiwe manufactures industrial custom rubber grommets parts with easy to use properties, wear resistance, noise-cancelling, and excellent corrosion resistance.

OEM Custom Rubber Parts

Rely on Baiwe for your OEM custom rubber parts requirements. We can provide rubber products suitable for creating automotive components.

Oil Field Custom Rubber Parts

Our oil field custom rubber parts are available in different designs, sizes, and colors. It is highly customizable based on your specifications.

Silicone Made Custom Rubber Parts

We create silicone-made custom rubber parts with rust-free, corrosion resistance, and high durability features. Accessible in different designs and sizes.

Universal Custom Rubber Parts

Baiwe offers universal custom rubber parts suitable for universal applications like in automotive, electronics, or household appliances purposes.

Baiwe: Your No.1 Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer in China

Baiwe has over 15 years of rich experience in manufacturing excellent quality custom rubber parts. Here, you can assure that we have enough knowledge and expert skills. 100% Guaranteed, you can get a full solution here based on your requirements.

We provide custom rubber parts that fits your applications and budget. We make sure our products has approval to ISO, EN, CE, RoHS, and REACH. Send us your inquiries today!

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    We offer the total solution for your Rubber Compression Molding Process. Baiwe offers Rubber Compression Molding processes for industrial, medical, and more applications.

  • NBR Rubber Compression Molding Products

    Our NBR Rubber Compression Molding Products are applicable for all kinds of home appliances, electric appliances, miniature switches, and more.

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Your No.1 Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Searching for a trusted manufacturer for your ideal custom rubber parts? Good thing you’re now in Baiwe! Here, we offer excellent quality products to boost your own brand. Discover our broad selections of custom rubber parts solutions that will fit your specific purposes.

We’re operating in China; Baiwe offers the finest quality custom rubber parts selections. Each solution provides high precision, low waste, and flash-less properties. Plus! You can rest assured that the quality of our custom rubber parts is on the highest level.

Baiwe manufactures custom rubber parts based on your ideas to fit your projects. We need your important technical specifications such as the dimensions, configurations, shapes, and applications. In this way, we can be sure to deliver the best parts for your needs.

But both standard and custom designs for custom rubber parts are available for you. If you can’t find the exact product from our standard selections, better go with the custom option. We offer rubber products at reasonable rates.

However, we manufacture your custom rubber parts with compression molding, injection molding, transfer molding, cast molding, etc. All products that went through these molding processes can enhance their quality.

Here in Baiwe, we offer all kinds of rubber solutions. Not only custom rubber parts, but we can also provide rubber moulded components, rubber grommet, moulded rubber bellows, rubber extrusion, rubber bush, rubber label, rubber seal, and many more. You can indeed find the accurate rubber solution here.

All our rubber products come from different designs, sizes, colors, and configurations. Depending on the application, we can manufacture custom rubber parts to your exact requirements.

Whether for projects or business, choosing Baiwe as your leading custom rubber parts manufacturer supplier will be your best decision. We have total qualifications you may looking for a manufacturer from China.

From material sourcing until the delivery, we got you!

Sharing your project demands with Baiwe engineers is the first step in the process. Within 24/7Hours, we are ready to take all your calls.

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