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Your Reliable Custom Rubber Molding Manufacturer in China

Baiwe – Your ultimate solution for all your custom rubber molding requirements. We will provide you a custom rubber molding with full certifications.

Custom Rubber Molding Factory

Baiwe is committed to manufacturing top-quality custom rubber moldings that exceed demanding quality standards of industries and technologies we serve. Since the beginning, Baiwe manufactures custom rubber molding with unmatched accuracy. We have the most advanced production line and skilled workforce responsible for creating custom rubber molding to the highest level of quality. Would you mind sending us your requirements for the customization of the product?

Custom Plastic Part Injection

Its size, design, shape, and other specifications are customizable according to your requirements. We accept small or large orders.

Custom DIY Silicone Rubber Parts

Baiwe manufactures Custom DIY Silicone Rubber Parts to support your business. It can be customizable according to your detailed specifications.

Food Grade Rubber Resin Forming Toy

For this product, you can choose different styles and designs. We manufacture them with the highest quality raw materials for durability and reliability.

Food Grade Silicone Injection Rubber Molding

It is made of NBR, silicone, FKM, NR, EPDM, and more. Its color is available in blue, red, black, green, yellow, and customize.

3D Printed Molds Automobiles Part

We can custom the feature of this product according to your design, 2D or 3D drawing. You can get this product at a very reasonable price.

Custom Injection Molding Silicone Rubber Products

Available colors are white, red, black, green, transparent or custom color based on your requirements. Its surface treatment is also accessible in many options.

Custom Made LCD Backlight Rubber Molding

We utilizing silk printing, painting, and laser varve for the surface treatments of the product. And also, we can custom your product along with your logo.

3D Rubber Molding Injection

Available surface treatments are Polishing, Painting, Anodizing, Brushing, Chroming, Water Transfering, Laser Cutting, Texture, Sandblasting, etc.

Silicon Injection Molding

The molding is applicable in industrial products, electronic products, household products, petrochemical, medical device, home appliances, auto, aerospace, etc.

Custom Silicone Gasket Rubber Molding

We can custom your Silicone Gasket Rubber Molding based on your 2D or 3D drawing. We are using high-quality raw materials for long-lasting use.

Custom Mold of Rubber Gear

We are using natural rubber for this mold. We can support your product development from prototyping, CAD to low, medium, and high-volume production runs.

Custom Injection Processing Buffer Sleeve Molding

We’ll provide STEP, AutoCAD, IGES, STL, PTC Creo, PDF, and more for a drawing format. We can always make your molding product to satisfy your needs.

Baiwe: One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Custom Rubber Molding Project

Baiwe is a leading custom rubber molding manufacturer with over 15 years of experience. We are committed to delivering cost-effective and fast service for custom rubber molding. Our excellent solutions result in a long-lasting, reliable success for customers from different parts of the world.

Baiwe custom rubber molding is the best solution for your different rubber products and parts business. Would you mind not hesitating to speak up with one of our expert engineers to receive an accurate quote for your custom rubber molding requirements?


Baiwe- Your Professional Custom Rubber Molding Manufacturer

If you’re looking for the best custom rubber molding manufacturer, Baiwe is your one-stop solution. Baiwe has over 15 years in producing custom rubber molding for many different companies around the world.

Baiwe is offering excellent services for custom rubber molding. It enables us to produce precision rubber parts to your accurate specifications. We manufacture custom rubber moldings to replace an existing element, either from your drawing or existing samples.

As your reliable custom rubber molding manufacturer, we can assist you in the material selection and design process for new parts. Our company, Baiwe, has over 15 years of experience in this industry. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you can get the best custom rubber molding possible..

Our custom rubber molding is highly customizable to your specifications that fit your working environment and applications. Knowing that we can tailor-make your rubber moldings can give you peace of mind.

Baiwe has considerable capabilities in custom rubber molding. From small and intricate parts to new heavy-duty rubber matting designs and everything in between, Baiwe can manufacture them for you. The most demanding molded parts in Baiwe are grommets, rubber bushes, rubber bonded to metal mounts, hydraulic rubber seal, and our rubber dust cover moldings.

Baiwe is committed to supplying quality custom rubber molding on time and supplying the best customer service throughout the whole process. Our company focuses on manufacturing custom molding parts and wants to build a long-term partnership with our customers.

From consumer products to marine, automotive to medical, and more, Baiwe offers complete expertise for custom rubber molding components. Besides, we have been a leading source for custom rubber molding in industries, including transportation, electronics, lawn, and garden.

If you have urgent orders for custom rubber molding, Baiwe has over 15 years of expertise to provide you quick turnaround throughout the whole process.

You can count Baiwe as your leading custom rubber molding manufacturer. If you have product requirements, please don’t hesitate to message us immediately.

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